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  1. We go dark on the 26th. Family tradition to have all lights down before the end of the year. Some years it means just getting everything into the garage, this year it meant everything was down, packaged for next year and stored.
  2. I use small totes (15 gallon size) to store everything in. I have 40 or 50 totes I believe. I like the smaller totes because it limits how much I can put in them and helps keep the weight down. I organize my totes by controller. So all of my extension cords for controller 1 will be labeled and in 2 totes, controller 2 will be in two separate totes. Same with the lights. Lights used for controller 1 are in their own separate totes, however many it takes to hold them etc. Some totes are full, some only half just depends on what the tote is labeled for. I have found this makes setup very easy. Whatever element/controller I am working on i'll pull out the tote for and have everything I need right there.
  3. I ordered 12 strands of these for this years show. Looking forward to playing with them.
  4. I use almost the exact same hardware. I will be happy to share all of my songs with you from this years show (will have the pixcon16 in them) and songs from previous years which do not have the pixcon. Give me a couple of hours and i'll email them to you. Dan
  5. Would you mind sharing? Dan24438@gmail.com
  6. This is where I have purchased almost all of my lights. http://www.creativedisplays.com for wrapping my trees and for my spiral trees I use the M5 lights and absolutely love them.
  7. Was curious if anyone has already sequenced this song and is willing to share? Dan24438@gmail.com. Would be willing to share anything I have as well. Dan
  8. It never fails. You ask for help and then you figure out the problem. Under SE< Play for some reason the Control Visualizer option was unchecked. Checking it fixed my program.
  9. Ok so like the title says I just got a new computer and I've installed LOR on the new computer and transferred my files over. For some odd reason I for the life of me can not get visualizer to work. I've even gone as far as just creating some test vis files, created a sequence in super star with the new vis file, exported to SE, hit play on the visualizer then hit play on SE with the freshly exported sequence which was created using the freshly created vis file and i get nothing on the visualizer. Any help would be appreciated. Dan
  10. Saxon, thank you so much. That was exactly the problem. I had to cut some of my extras down alittle due to the chips but I have plenty left over to start working on the house. Thanks again for the help.
  11. Ok so why would not soldering on wires to the correct side not work? I thought they might be one way.
  12. Ok so before i start, if this is a dumb question please be gentle in your response. This is my first year using smart RGB strips so they are new to me. I purchased several 2811 60 led/60 ic strips from Holidycoro, cut them to the desired length (170 leds), made my leaping arches and everything is perfect. I got to thinking and thought id love to use the left over strips and start converting some of my typical led lights to rgb's. This is where I am struggling. The strips came with connectors at both ends so I figured if I cut the connectors off of the other end I would be able to just connect them like I did the other end. When I do this I can not get even a flicker out of the light. Trying to trouble shoot the issue I thought, well maybe, the strips only take current from one end. So I found the solder points and I soldered on three wires (making sure none of my solder touched the other points). I connected the strips to my pixcon 16 and nothing. I tried using the onboard test mode as well as a test sequence I created in ss. I did this for four pieces I had left over all with the same results. So I figured well maybe I blew a fuse on the pixcon and it wasn't working correctly. I pulled out one of my new leaping arches and used the same plug and it worked exactly like it was suppose to. Anyone have any suggestions on what I am doing wrong?
  13. I have several items for sale. I purchased these to creating leaping arches and have since decided to simply go with ccr's instead of doing it the diy method. As such the following items are up for sale. I would like to sell everything as a package as it would be easier for me. If I don't get anyone interested in everything I will of course part things out. 1: Pixcon 16 (I've powered on to make sure it worked and run a test run on a single strip. Has never been outside). 2 400 watt Holiday Coro power supplies (Both have been powered on to make sure they work, one was used to power up the pixcon 16, neither have been outside) 1 CG-1500 enclosure (currently the Pixcon 16 is mounted in this. Never been outside) 2 Holidaycoro RGB Pixel strips (full) 60 led/60 IC per meter (these are brand new, never been outside) 4 Holidaycoro RGB Pixel Strips (Partials) 60 led/60 IC per meter (I cut these when i was making my leaping arches). I will throw these in for free. To buy these right now would cost 423.90 plus shipping. I of course did not pay current prices but would like to get at least 200 plus shipping for everything above.
  14. We use these as well. we just use the small ones so that they don't get too heavy.
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