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  1. pastorpaulciucci@aol.com

    need a sequence for my pixle tree

    Okay it says simple mode but it wont do anything when i ckick on it so how do i change it. My number is 517b703 3478 if anyone has a minutte to call and walk me through this. I will be back inside from doimg chores about 6:15 tonight Thanks so much
  2. pastorpaulciucci@aol.com

    need a sequence for my pixle tree

    Is there anyoneon right now that might be able to help walk me through this . i have the updated pro software completed a sequence in pixel and hooked computer to the pixel tree and i can light up the tree through the hardware console bit will not play the sequence
  3. pastorpaulciucci@aol.com

    need a sequence for my pixle tree

    I think when we updated the computers to pro this week it said 5.0
  4. pastorpaulciucci@aol.com

    need a sequence for my pixle tree

    Okay when i get home from work today i will head out to the farm and purchase superstar and load it into the computer and will let you know when i have that part completed. Thanks again for all the guys your generosity is amazing Paul
  5. pastorpaulciucci@aol.com

    need a sequence for my pixle tree

    We have s4 pro what is ss license
  6. pastorpaulciucci@aol.com

    need a sequence for my pixle tree

    Oh i forgot to mention the tree is set up plugged in and ready to go that was the easy part. We just have a software issue and lack of sequences. We were running advanced and we upgraded this week to pro for the pixel part. The computers are all updated and running under the new license. Thanks again Paul
  7. pastorpaulciucci@aol.com

    need a sequence for my pixle tree

    We have the 6'6" pixel tree with a pixie 8 controler 16 strips of 25 pixels in 8 channels. This is a stand alone show at the enterance to the main event barn and will have its own laptop. The rest of the boxes are daisy changed together in four other shows around the farm on four seperate computers. Plus we have a 30' mega tree that has 5 boxes of its own and its own computer. We have no problem with any of the other lor products just the pixel which we jist added this year to try. Our owner wanted to see one before he purchased more for next year's show. So hopefully we can get this up and running asap because i would love to see us add the other 5 trees next year. Currently we have purchased all of our sequences and the mega tree we purchased from another light show that went out of business and came with its own sequences. Thank you so much for the help we appreciate it. We are just a bunch of farmers and we do this every year as a family event for our community as a way to give back kind of like a giant christmas card and we give free wagon rides through the light shows and displays. Thanks again for all the help Paul
  8. pastorpaulciucci@aol.com

    need a sequence for my pixle tree

    Hi all I am so frustrated with this pixel tree we purchased. It was plug and play but that is the furthest thing from the truth. Can anyone help me with some sequences for my new pixel tree seems you cant just purchase them. I have lor pro and I cant figure out how to make my own with the pixel editor. We have just added this to our 150,000 light show this year and we opened last weekend and the new pixel tree sat there in the dark. everyone keept asking was it broke alredy
  9. Hi all we have the holiday Coro singing monsters and have made lighted Santa hats for them and need them to now sing Christmas songs. Can anyone please help us. Thanks so much pastorpaulciucci@aol.com or call me at 517-703-3478
  10. pastorpaulciucci@aol.com

    Need Christmas sequence for singing monster heads

    I have the holiday Coro singing monster heads and we have made lighted stocking caps for them and need Christmas songs for them to sing
  11. pastorpaulciucci@aol.com

    I do singing faces for Halloween and Christmas sequences for free.

    Hi Matt my name is Pastor Paul Ciucci from Shahaven Farms in Mason MI. We have the four monster singing heads from Holiday Coro as well. We want to put stocking caps on them and have them sing Christmas songs. Is this what you have been able to do? If so could you please contact me we would love to be able to get some sequences for them to sing Christmas pastorpaulciucci@aol.com
  12. pastorpaulciucci@aol.com

    need patterns for halloween talking heads

    Hi we are new to light o rama last Christmas and now have invested a little more and have 96 channels. We would like to do the Halloween talking heads but need help getting patterns for them. Can someone tell me where we can buy the frames or where we can get the patterns. Shawhaven Farms in Mason Mi, pastorpaulciucci@aol.com. Thanks for the help