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  1. I mounted rebar caps to flat steel and hose-clamped the HDPE on to the rebar caps. Has worked well for 3 years now.
  2. I'll give that a try. When opening an S4 sequence, it would complain that the channels were not present in the Visualizer and "archive" them, thus there was nothing configured and nothing on the grid.
  3. OK, connected one to an ampmeter and confirmed that they are exactly 2A per. Tomorrow I will wire them into the CMB24D and see how that goes.
  4. I've never used it - just never had the need to, so I never configured my props in it (save for maybe one or two). Now my sequences will not play under S5, so I had to revert. Yeah, I guess I don't have a choice - but I'm not happy about that. If I don't want to use a feature, why force me to?
  5. I have never used the visualizer and have no desire to. Does this mean I cannot ever use S5, or is there a workaround?
  6. Epilogue: After much ado, I got 6 from Lowe's, and man, are they BRIGHT. I am going to try to wire the others up tomorrow (I know I said that a few days ago), but I am a bit worried about the cable run I'll have. Hopefully they work well.
  7. I have a 16.8a power supply on it now. I'm not sure how many amps I am using now, but it can't be much. I'll check tomorrow and wire one in to see how it works.
  8. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07ZT5955B/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It never occurred to me to connect these to my CMB24D! How many amps can each output supply? These are using about 2A or so, although I am a bit suspect of the meter I used to measure it, but that would seem accurate enough with a 3A wall wart.
  9. I've got other wall-wart powered LED lights that come on instantly and are used in the show. The output on these wall warts is 12vdc, 3A. It does indeed appear that it's the wall wart - I disconnected the wart from the light, plugged it in, then connected the light to it - and comes on instantly. So maybe I will keep them and wire up another power supply.
  10. Wall warts. According to the vendor, they are for "safety". I have no idea why LED's would require this. I wound up getting lucky and found some replacements at Lowe's that I have to drive and go pick up tomorrow.
  11. My 6 large snowflakes unfortunately did not survive the winter, the the replacements I got from Amazon - while attractive - have a 2-second power-on delay and are being returned. Does anyone have a good source for large, attractive, preferable metal frame snowflakes? Retail or mail order is fine. Thanks! Joe
  12. This is the first year I had significant traffic, and Silent Night was a great traffic motivator. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not. I did make it the most "boring" song sequence-wise for that reason, and also to offer some reverence for the song.
  13. I ran the show for 3 years in a rented place, no issues whatsoever. Everything I did was non-destructive.
  14. Long Island, NY to FL. The weather is certainly sucky this past week...
  15. Save $50: Yorkville C120P 5-inch Powered Install Speaker - New https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0069V653A/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_f9ChCb20B5PTE
  16. I run my show from 6-10pm, and an animation (well, reallly a slow repeating animation with a “show is over for the night” voiceover) from 10pm-1am. I have two components to the audio system: An amp and outdoor speakers, and an FM transmitter. The amp is controlled by my home automation system, which turns on power to the entire show (amp, controllers, etc) at 5:59pm. It also shuts off the amp at 10:05pm (enough time for a song that might start at 9:59pm to finish and the “goodnight” message to play). At 1am, the system cuts power to everything. You might want to consider something similar.
  17. Nah, nothing truly ugly. More rain today again caused a lot of ground leakage, so I cancelled the show tonight. Should be sunny for the next several days, so hopefully I can *really* waterproof it after it dries out a bit. Got a bunch of outlet protectors, plastic light stakes to raise stuff, and some dielectric grease.
  18. Had the end of a string in the gutter which trapped enough water to wet the entire bottom of the string. Used an indoor extension cord (I had no SPT-1, OK?!) and failed to secure the other outlets in it. I am ashamed.
  19. I found this great tool for finding and fixing the problems when they occur: A leakage current meter. Clamp around a strand and it will tell you how much AC current is leaking to ground. Helps narrow down which controller has the problem(s), and from there which light element(s), and from there if it's the element itself or an extension cord, or even the controller pigtail. I've already found one bad extension cord and a light strand that had water inside the pass-thru connector. Also found a few mistakes I'd rather not own up to. I snagged it for half price (sale or mistake, I don't know) from Amazon. It's currently $226. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B072MLT7HH/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  20. I have two shows on my schedule: 1. The main show from 6-10pm 2. A lights-only animation show from 10pm until 1am. My home automation system turns on power to the controllers at 5:59pm and off at 1:01 am. It also turns off the outside stereo (but leave the FM transmitter on) at 10:05 pm. It sounded from your post like you wanted something similar?
  21. Yep, apparently it's helpful for keeping moisture from getting in the pass-through side of a light strand's plug. I plan to put some in and put a cover on, plus keeping them elevated. I don't mind a little over engineering to save my sanity.
  22. OK.. So... Yeah... I fixed it. It had nothing to do with the sequence, and everything to do with the one extension cord that was filled with water. So, today I went through everything again, elevated the connections I forgot, replaced that extension cord with an SPT-1 cord, and tested for 2 hours this afternoon. All went well, and the show has been running flawlessly all night. Whew! Dielectric grease, outlet plug covers, and a ground leakage detector have been ordered and will be here Thursday - just in time to see if anything is amiss after the rain we are expecting tomorrow night.
  23. I’ve had people this year asking: 1. How I got the radio station to allow me to rebroadcast their music. 2. How the lights know how to sync to the songs on the radio station. 3. If I work FOR the radio station.
  24. So, the GFCI outlet was replaced but didn't solve the issue - now it's tripping at different parts of the show. So, I'm running on two circuits for the time being. Anyone have any ideas?
  25. Granted, but it has been running in that configuration for weeks now - and all of last season. I’m going to replace the GFCI outlet with another and see if that helps - the outlet does look old, and has tripped a lot in the past.
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