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  1. jtomason

    Just lost everything... (almost)

    JungleDisk Workgroup. It will run you $8/mo for two "employees" (even if you have none) and 10G of storage, with extra gigabytes charged at 15 cents each. It might be overkill for strictly LOR, but as I said, I keep my documents on it as well and spend about $12/mo with them. You could also try PCloud for $3.99/mo for 500GB: https://www.pcloud.com/cloud-storage-pricing-plans.html
  2. jtomason

    Just lost everything... (almost)

    That is correct. I sync my c:\users\joe\Light-O-Rama folder on the programming (main) PC up to a JungleDisk online disk called "LOR". That online disk is synchronized to the same named folder (c:\users\joe\Light-O-Rama) on the show PC. When I change a sequence on the programming PC (or create a new one), the file syncs up to JungleDisk and down to the Show PC automagically, no intervention required. I'm a big fan of JungleDisk, and use them for documents (accessible on multiple PCs including my laptop) and other files I both edit regularly or might need while not at my PC.
  3. jtomason

    Are the Controllers all Waterproof

    Almost all of mine are laying on their backs on my covered porch, and even after heavy rain show no signs of moisture incursion. The one on the lawn (for the mega tree) I do indeed have in a bin just to make life easier on me, not because it's really necessary. I am and would be more worried about plugs that are on the ground where water might pile up.
  4. jtomason

    Just lost everything... (almost)

    May I recommend having both computers on your home network and using something like JungleDisk to sync them? My desktop (where I do my sequencing) has an "LOR" folder constantly synced to JungleDisk, and then that folder syncs to the show PC. So I always have 3 copies before I even make backups - on the programming PC, the show PC, and up at JungleDisk. Plus, any changes I make to a sequence, the show, or the schedule are implemented essentially immediately without having to copy, etc. It also means that I can sequence any time during the year, and when the show PC boots up around the holidays, the new sequences are there within minutes.
  5. jtomason

    Let it go

  6. The only time I have ever seem this happening is with variable bit rate MP3 files. Right-click on the MP3 in Explorer, choose Properties, then the Details tab. Look under the Audio section for Bit rate. It should have a value (128kbps or something), not "variable" or "VBR".
  7. I'd appreciate a copy as well. joe@tomasone.com Thanks!
  8. jtomason

    Mega Tree Pole keeps breaking

    I use something similar to this: https://www.tmastco.com/main/page_products_vertical_antenna_kit.html I have 16 light strands running from this - I use small S-hooks at the top of each strand and just sit them in the open top of the pole. The bottom of each strand is staked to the ground with regular thin metal tent stakes. Three heavy duty stakes with rope ending in clip hooks are used to keep it in place. Hasn't moved an iota in 5 years despite some heavy wind.
  9. Sent the ones I have from your list.
  10. jtomason

    Let it go

    Sent mine to the last 3 that asked.
  11. jtomason

    Speakers and FM transmitter

    Also be advised that the "cheapo" transmitter posted earlier has an input volume knob on the right which needs to be adjusted as well. I have the PC speaker output fed into a splitter which goes to that transmitter (reaches several blocks easily from the first floor window placement) and to an older Radio Shack amplifier that feeds two waterproof speakers (from Best Buy). One speaker is on the porch, and the other is in front of a tree about 3/4 of the way to the street. We have large lots here, so the noise isn't a problem, but when we lived where it was a problem, the amp was shut off at 9:30pm (leaving the transmitter on) and the show stopped at 11pm.
  12. jtomason

    Stuck on filling a blank space

    Apparently that is 6' tall. One might be sufficient, and the blank space around it will give it prominence, I think. Would have to be a 2019 project, but hmmm....
  13. jtomason