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  1. Sleeping Laptop run Shows?

    When your laptop is asleep, it is essentially not running any programs - so no.
  2. How is your display take-down coming along?

    Ditto.. Hope things get better soon.
  3. Music Copyright laws???

    Yep. Some episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 that were on broadcast TV are not available on VHS/DVD because they could not secure rights to the original movies for those mediums. Photographers too license their work based on where and how it will be used. National ad campaign vs. local event, one-time use versus perpetual rights, all affect the price.
  4. Music Copyright laws???

    Because even if it's a non-issue, knowing the actual facts and truth is an important concept. To address the "car windows down" comment, there is a difference in licensing between personal use and public performance. That's why you don't owe a license fee for playing your CD in your car each time (technically you paid a license fee when you bought the CD), but a radio station does. The same concept applies to TV and movies; ask a bar owner sometime about fees paid to display TV content in a bar.
  5. Is it just me....

    ...or is anyone else hearing short segments of songs they sequenced playing over and over again in their head? Especially those short segments you played endlessly as you worked on a particular effect and got the timing perfect...
  6. Is there a way...

    For the amount of time the display is out, perhaps something like this would work? http://www.homedepot.com/p/Wiremold-Legrand-Corduct-5-ft-1-Channel-Over-Floor-Cord-Protector-Ivory-CDI-5/100095586
  7. Is there a way...

    If one were going to use E1.31 over WiFi, I'd absolutely recommend using a 5Ghz WiFi network over a channel not in use nearby. That would maximize your bandwidth and minimize the potential for interference. However - it's still a "fragile" medium, and for applications that rely on exacting timing, you really don't want that potential delay. A few more milliseconds to load a web page is no problem. A few more to fire a circuit is.
  8. Is there a way...

    As far as I know, the ELL is only RS-485, so no, it won't (shouldn't) work. Many sources have also said not to run E1.31 over WiFi - which makes a lot of sense to me as it is both not as fast, can have packets be delayed, or - at worst - the signal can be swamped/jammed by someone else's WiFi, intentionally or not. I have my show computer (a laptop) right next to the window, and have 2 runs of flat cat6 cable (available at Walmart) out the window - one attached to the LOR USR to RS-485 adapter for the LOR controllers and one from the Ethernet port going to my AlpaPix smart pixel controller. I have single-hung windows and the cables work quite well, even if the window locks are a tad tougher to engage.
  9. I don't run my show when it rains at all. Not worth even the minor risk, and no one really stops by anyway. Isn't all incan production - even holiday lights - outlawed now? Or soon? Sounds like justification to me. That's my story, and I'm sticking with it. I am almost 100% LED at this point. I prefer their longer life, physical robustness, lower power usage, and brightness versus incans. The only thing in incans favor - to my thinking - is their warm glow versus the colder LED. However, that's not a real big factor for me. The only incans I have left are in large (12") C9-style lawn stake bulbs that I like that only appear to come as incans. Make a donation to your favorite charity. Next year, accept donations and tell everyone what you're collecting for. Adds that extra warm feeling to the whole thing. I did that for RGB strips this year and they are staying there for seasonal lighting. I had a request to do Valentine's Day this year with some love songs, so I'm working a plan to use them and my two arches reconfigured as a heart. On July 4th, the 3 windows will be red, white, and blue. I had a local shop make mine and was very happy with it as well. I got a solar spotlight for it that I'm not terribly happy with, as the sign is in a location that I didn't want to run a cord to for any AC lighting. That's an issue for me to puzzle out this year.
  10. Is there a way...

    It is an important distinction when dealing with LOR and other controllers, because two different and non-compatible protocols use the same type of cable. Category 5 (or category 6) twisted-pair cable (often called "cat5" or "cat6") is the cable in question. It is usually terminated with RJ-45 connectors on each end. That cable is used to carry: RS-485 signals from a computer through an adapter (generally USB to RS-485 adapter) to an LOR controller Ethernet from a computer to a router via the computer's ethernet (network) port DMX over Ethernet ("E1.31") - generally from a computer's ethernet port to a DMX controller. ...So if you try to plug an LOR controller into your computer's Ethernet port, the cable will physically connect, but you will likely damage one or the other - or at best, not have it work. Same if you connect an RS-485 adapter to an ethernet device like an AlphaPix DMX controller. That's why it's important to know these details - if you are working with RGB lights, anyway. If all you have is LOR controllers, then really all you need to know is that your cables are not carrying ethernet and should never be plugged into your computer's ethernet port. Ethernet itself is simply a network protocol that is commonly carried over cat5/cat6 cable - hence why the cable is sometimes (erroneously) called "ethernet cable". In fact, Ethernet can be carried over coaxial cable (although no one does this anymore) or via radio (you call that "wifi").
  11. Music Copyright laws???

    I did some research and found out that it apparently doesn't matter what we consider it to be. Something about a court and a judge, or something.
  12. Music Copyright laws???

    I'm not so sure that our use constitutes fair use by my read of the copyright law. I just don't think the copyright holders are concerned about it.
  13. leaping arches

    I ordered 9' sections of 2" polyethylene tubing from McMaster-Carr. I set it in rebar caps from Home Depot that I mounted to steel strips (70" apart) and used hose clamps to keep the tubing on the rebar caps. I cut the pixel strip to length (actually a little longer to have some come out of the ends and get siliconed into place). They came out and look awesome. https://www.mcmaster.com/#catalog/122/142/=15p3d2h I would think you could adapt that to a 16' arch, but if you are talking about 16' from base to base, that's more than 16' of tubing/pixels.
  14. Newbies First Try

    Not bad!
  15. Is it possible?

    2012- 32 channels 2016 360 channels - including RGB dumb and smart pixels.