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  1. Christmas Lawyer wrote: Not sure, but look at the second one on the right....is that the Demented Elf doing the voiceover?
  2. By the way - took the family to Cedar Point a couple weeks ago. The light show was great! Very well done!!! It'll probably cause me to spend another couple grand on stuff for my Halloween light show -- so THANKS for that! The RGB lights were very cool... Any details on brand/controllers? Tom
  3. LOVE the video! I was watching the SuperBowl halftime show (The Who) with my wife...I said "That stage is AWESOME". I wish I had that technology. Perhaps I do already! (OK - I have _one_ CCR, so I'd just need to buy about 1000 more....)
  4. Awesome job! Nutrocker was on my list this year - but didn't make it in the show... Next year for sure...
  5. 1.01 - Didn't see it on the website page.... FOUND IT! It was in the 2.5.4 download. Thanks!
  6. Trying to download the "CCR DemoReleasedS2.las" sequence that has been shared in the forums. It plays great from the Sequence Editor. I have 2.5.4, and in the HW editor try to download this sequence so it will play in Standalone mode, and it retrys 4 times, and fails. Good connections and response in LOR HW, and no issues when playing in sequence editor. Can the CCR store a Standalone sequence? I don't remember seeing any posts about this, and don't see any via a search. Thanks! Tom
  7. Yes. Email from the LOR YahooStore. You can also check your original order confirmation email. It should have a link to order status, which should be updated if yours has shipped.
  8. Mine (ordered 7/7/09) is on the way now, too! ...[Deep breath].... *trying not to explode from excitement* I'll have it integrated in the Halloween show by this weekend (hopefully). I'll post photos/vids. Thanks LOR!
  9. Jack Stevens wrote: Having young kids myself, and struggling with the "Halloween issues" that can arise at churches and religious schools - I've always simply done a "Pumpkin Themed" Halloween display. Nothing scary - just Pumpkins. Of course - I balance that with my Christmas displays being more "sacred" ... i.e. no Rudolph, Frosty, or Santa. Just trees, stars, etc. Just some thoughts.....
  10. I sent a note to LOR support right after I posted here, and got a very quick response from Dan. I hope he's OK with me passing along his message that they'll: "start shipping end of next week". So...not too much longer. Maybe too late for me & Halloween, though....:?
  11. Hate to pester - I know LOR is hard at work getting these out the door.... We begin Halloween show setup this week. The CCR addition means significant changes to our display (not to mention lots more programming!) I need to decide in the next couple days if I will or won't add the CCR this year. Has anyone heard when the orders will ship yet? (My order was placed in July). Thanks much! Tom
  12. Thanks for the sequence! Just ordered my first CCR. I've never checked UPS for shipment confirmation every day for 10weeks before.... That alone should keep me busy this summer!
  13. brianfox wrote: RGB ribbon is manufactured in a "side view" form where the LEDs are mounted on the edge. Maybe LOR will use those for the next generation. In a year or two maybe rope light will be sold like this. That would be the ultimate. Thanks for the heads up. I didn't catch that. i think it would still work, but would need it toward the back of the display. I guess I'll have to get one to see how "bendy" and manuverable they actually are.
  14. Wow. I was trying to figure out how many extra LOR boxes I would need to drive these suckers. Now I get it -- the strip is it's OWN 157+ channel controller?!? So each pixel can show up as a channel in the Sequence editor (if I want to program that granularly)? That is AWESOME. I think I'd use the macro effects most of the time, but not having to spare any the limited LOR controller channels is great. I'm thinking that 6 of these strips "bent" in half at the top would make a sweet ~8' high, 12-spoke, mid-sized Mega Tree. ...I guess my 6 month hiatus from working on light-stuff is over. Thanks, LOR.
  15. NWSanta wrote: Just watched the videos... I just told my wife - "We're in big trouble!" Get the second mortgage ready. I need several of these. I, too, would like to see some sample sequence files (or screen shots) to see what's involved. I think I "get" the multiple channels and macros - but I'd like to figure out how many extra LOR channels would be needed to do what I have in mind with say, six CCRs. (I know the answer is "depends on what you have in mind - but if that demo shown in the video is done in LOR sequence editor - I'd love to see that - as it would allow me to answer my questions) Great Job - keep 'em coming!
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