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  1. I have used 3 daisy chained CTB16PCg3 controllers for the last 4 years with no problems. This year I cannot get box 3 to stop green light flashing and begin to work. Actions taken: 1. Rebooted the number 3 controller by moving the JP3 jumper to 5&6, powered, quick flash, unpowered, moved back to JP3 jumper back to 4&5 to reset controller. 2. Plugged the controller directly into the computer through SC485 serial connector and removed all additional controllers connected to computer. Went to light o rama hardware and ran the "auto configure" , I then received the message to connect 485 serial connector to the serial port and to make sure power was on ( which both were done). The following message was then received "Port not Found". 3. I unplugged the number 3 controller and re-plugged controllers 1 and 2 back into the computer through the same SC485 serial connector and they both work perfect. Any thoughts on why I can't get this controller to work? The Ethernet connection from the computer seems to be fine as it works great when I plug in controller 1, so it won't let me auto configure to set the ID number. When I push the Refresh button in HU is says "0 units found" It continues to have a slower green flashing light. Controllers 1 and 2 continue to work once re-connected so I know that it is getting signal from the computer. Any thoughts on what can I do to fix this ASAP? Thanks, Kevin
  2. Sorry to pile on, but I'd love to add also. Thanks, Kevin kevinrayhowad@gmail.com
  3. James, Sorry to pile on... been working on installing lights since 11/1 myself (LOR 48 channels) and was thinking it would be great to add a song with a little more punch to it. I'd appreciate if you could send to me also. Thanks, Kevin kevinrayhoward@gmail.com
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