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  1. could I get a copy please JStur23@aol.com thank you
  2. James, I would love a copy of this. JStur23@aol.com Thanks, Joey
  3. Could I get a copy please? JStur23@aol.com Thank you
  4. JR All the dip switches were off. So I thought I should be able to change the id with all the switches off. Didn't work. So I set the switches for 0A and it seems to stay after I changed the id. I powered everything down and backup. It came back as 0A . Thanks for the help.
  5. Thank you both for your responses. I will give that a try
  6. I change the unit id in the Hardware utility. I refresh and it comes up with what I changed it to. Once I shutdown HU and reopen it the Pixie shows up as unit id 01 again. Any ideas? 2nd question is regarding sequences. Do I have to run sequences lets say purchased at superstar lights( 16CCR with RGB start) in DMX mode or will they just work as long as the unit id is correct? I am trying a 16X50 lor pixel tree. I am pretty much lost with these pixel Thanks, Joey
  7. James, I would love a copy of the pixel tree sequences. JStur23@aol.com Thanks, Joey
  8. James I would like a copy please. Thank you Joey JStur23@aol.com
  9. here is the batch file for the one that works. copy c:\Users\JStur23\documents\Light-O-Rama\rds\aiwfc.txt c:\Users\JStur23\documents\Light-O-Rama\rds.txt
  10. Thanks. I will try that tonight when the show is over. Have people watching now. I will give that a try and see if that fixes it . Thanks everyone for the responses. Joey
  11. I have setup all the sequences with a bat and txt file. When the show starts it only reads the text of the first sequence for the entire show. I have the box checked to send on change. Any ideas on what I am missing? Thank, Joey
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