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  1. Finally got this fixed (with the help of the awesome LOR helpdesk) This was a AC phase issue.. Both power inputs on each controller must be plugged into outlets that are on the same phase. There are 2 AC phases in the breaker panel.. both inputs on the LOR boxes need to be plugged into outlets on the same phase. Once I corrected this, the fading worked perfectly.
  2. They're all Incands.. its a tree similar to this http://blog.al.com/holidays_impact/2007/12/living-christmas-tree.jpg The lights on 9-16 are identical to the lights on 1-8.. but 1-8 wont fade.. on 3 of the units. Thanks for the help.. i'm in a bind!
  3. I made a post a few days ago about several channels in my setup that wont fade. I originally thought it was an individual channel issue and that I may have bad triacs since these units are several years old. But today I traced the problem down to 3 of my 8 units and on all 3 units, channels 1 through 8 do not fade.. they instantly snap on at the beginning of the fade. circuits 9 through 16 work fine. so, Unit 2, circuits 1 through 8 Unit 6, circuits 1 through 8 Unit 7, circuits 1 through 8 All will not fade In the test console, if I move the fader of one of the bad channels to 1%, the lights instantly snap to 60% brightness. By the time the fader is at 50%, the lights are already at 100% and moving the fader between 50 and 100 has no effect on the light at all. Resetting the units has no effect on the issue. This identical setup worked fine the last several years and all my other units are working normally. Could I have a non-hardware problem? If not, what hardware would keep all 8 channels from fading on these units? Thanks
  4. One of my 9 1600W's has 3 channels that wont fade or ramp. Its on or off.. nothing in between. Any ideas?
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