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  1. correct. one tree is green/white and the other is red white. example - channel=1 200 green, channel 2=200 white and so on.
  2. Correct. I build a frame and then spiral wrap the trees.
  3. be careful with making that assumption. RGB typically uses 5v or 12v and you need to make sure that your power supplies match your RGB strings.
  4. They are not very tall so that helps. What probably makes the most difference is how I have the lights. we use 200 lights per channel but rather than end to end we run them parallel, slightly offset so the lights do not line up exactly, to each other and tie wrap them together. We run 16 of these on each tree so 3200 lights per tree.
  5. thanks for the comments. I will get the exact measurements on the fan. my wife took this video and then added the music to it.
  6. "connects to a color light card or Raspberry Pi"? I read something about connecting them to beaglebone and octosomething cards on a falcon board? I obviously have a lot more reading to do. I have some Falcon boards that I have never used but no Raspberry Pi due to plans on running show from my PC. I would love to run a 4'x8' (64 panels) but not sure the wife will let me spend that plus by the rest of the RGB stuff I want for next year. What all would I need to run a 4'x8' correctly? I can try submitting my budget request for the year lol.
  7. Thanks for the reply. Do the Px panels come with the pixels in them? If so, my math got way out of hand thinking that I was going to have to buy 10's of thousands of lights to install on the panels.
  8. agree. maybe that will help the OP pick a color and leave it. would have to reset to the color they want each time they power it off though.
  9. Thanks for the info. If my math is correct, it doesn't appear very cost effective to make a big screen out of these for video.
  10. Thanks. My viewers will mostly be right around the 45ft mark. May I ask where you go your matrix?
  11. a little late, but on the AlphaPix you can put it into test mode and not use a computer.
  12. Would love to be able to play movie clips on a RGB matrix next year. Is there a way to make this visual to where it doesn't look like Minecraft?
  13. So you list them at $250 and then don’t reply to above or private message?
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