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  1. Good news first -- Doing copy/paste completely and quickly resolved my channel config issues. - I thought I could just overwrite channel names of an exported SuperStar sequence, but as the videos show - there are simpler/easier way to achieve that. Follow-up question : - Are timing tracks available for purchased sequences ? I'd like to use the same ones as the CCR's for my master display sequence.
  2. Got it! Thank you again for your kindness and patience - I'm embarrassed yet again for having jumped in without investing the time to watch ALL the how-to videos first! A nice side effect of copying and pasting the sequences in is that the timing and patterns on the star make for very nice copy/paste lines into other things like windows & bushes. - Very happy with how the 1st of 4 just turned out, can't wait to try it on the gear tomorrow! All the best- David
  3. Appreciate the reply Brian - I've spent a good solid afternoon trying to resolve my channel import/export issue without any luck...I'm not actually copying/pasting anything. I'm just trying to apply my channel config/layout with the purchased SuperStar sequences. Is your recommendation that instead of just changing the channel config,, I should create new/blank sequences - then copy and paste the data from the sequence created by the superstar export ? I will try that tonight... As for what I was trying to do originally Let me try to describe my steps a bit clearer... I open the downloaded sequence archives in SuperStar I reconfigure the channels to be spread across my 3 networks, assigning one of my controller for the 4 channel star (controller 5) and 12 CCRs (controllers 06-11) I assign the audio track Save as new File and Export to Sequence Editor I now give the sequence a test play in Sequence Editor and everything is great.... But none of my house lights are on. To do that I'll need to expand beyond the default archive channel config of 1 LOR controller and 12 CCR controllers. I have exported a 48 channel configuration (channel names and colors) from a very basic sequence (all channels on) - no ramps/fades/etc. that I made by adding the additional controllers/channels to a purchased sequence. . You can view my Channel Config here,, by manually scanning the contents - I am comfortable that there is no sequence/song data in it - just channel configs : https://www.dropbox.com/s/v7661avn0h6h65k/David%27s%20CCR%20Tree%20and%20Controllers-Dec-5-2012-8pm.lcc In Sequence Editor - I open my newly created .LMS that I just played in a test and know it's good I do an Edit --> Export/Import Channel Configuration --> Import Channel Configuration in Sequence Editor I browse to my .LCC (file link above) Following the import - I get light data all over channels that weren't used before, and lost data from the original CCR channels - See screen grab here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/39i0emashifpsa6/CorruptSequenceGrab.jpg I'm really bummed I can't figure this out. - If I could get my channel config into the purchased sequences, I could do a lot more with tying in the rest of the house with the CCR feature. Again - my most sincere thanks for the assistance! -David
  4. Thanks so much Brian - My controllers out of the box defaulted to 'Legacy' mode (and Standalone speed 9). - I actually tried to withdraw this post late last night as I found you'd answered a similar question a while back elsewhere in the forum. After making that change as well as increasing the speed on my 3 networks - WOW! That fixed the ribbons straight away... I do have one minor thing still eluding me -- After I export from SuperStar into Sequence Editor, I want to apply my channel config so that I can add fill in lights on the house and bushes while the CCR's "dance". The channel config applies fine, and it doesn't mess up anything with any of the ribbons or the star -- but I do get lots of 'mirrored' patterns on the new/additional channels brought in from my channel import. - They seem to be copies of one CCR channel applied across 12 or so 1602 house light channels. - It isn't hard to just delete these rows entirely, but is there a reason why they are popping up at all ?
  5. Hi all - I'm a first year LOR user that dove in the deep end after seeing Brian's CCR's last year. - So I'm starting with 12 CCR's and 4 channel star in addition to 4 x 16 LOR 1602 controllers. I purchased 4 sequences from superstarlights.com. - The sequences look perfect on screen in SuperStar, but it looks like 1 or 2 ribbons are 'off' during the songs. As an example, text is not readable, ribbons 1 and 7 seem to be slow, get 'stuck' or behave erratically - The ribbons all test fine in the hardware utility. - I have tested using a slower song like Silent Night and it's better but not perfect. I am running 3 total networks - Regular via a USB485 for the 4 1602's, and a pair of USB485B's 1 for Aux A for CCR controllers 06-0B, and 1 Aux B for CCR controllers 0C-11. - My only problem was that I only had 2 USB ports on my laptop which forced the use of a hub. - To try to fix this, I'm presently building a new LOR system on a laptop with 3 USB ports... I am also confident that the Aux A/Aux B networks are appropriately assigned to COM2 and COM3 while the Regular network is on COM1. I keep worrying that by following the steps in the manual for testing ribbons - I've messed something up in the hardware utility (I had one ribbon get set to resolution of 1, but I fixed that) - Can anyone confirm what the right CCR Config Screen settings should be ? - Or is this a red herring ? I've done all the SuperStar channel configurations and they map fine through the export to the sequence editor. Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer ! -David
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