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  1. Need to start the lor control panel and then enable your show. Place your sequences in a show via the show builder. Hope I have given you the missing link
  2. Need to start the lor control panel and then enable your show. Place your sequences in a show via the show builder. Hope I have given you the missing link
  3. mcmpros

    linus & lucy

    I have a simple sequence to it. Pm me your contact info and I'll send it your way.
  4. Did you build a show? Use show editor or simple show builder
  5. One thing I have found out to help is inventory items on hand, at least as much as possible. This way during off season, if there is such a thing, you have a idea of what you have as well as where new pieces will fit into the mix.
  6. Lights can be purchased anywhere you find a good deal. Walmart has 12.5 lit length 25 C7 bulb led for 6.00 each. So with that get 20 boxes you're looking at 120.00 in lights
  7. mcmpros

    NC Roll Call

    Also everyone should get your show listed on christmaslightfinder.com
  8. Two things you might look at with your design. 1) Have someplace on the pole to attach a few guide wires or ropes 2) Check the lighted length of your lights and make sure with your 11ft pole you have enough slope to form the girth you seek at the bottom, last thing you want is an 8 channel lite pole.
  9. You could easily do 4 channels per a tree. Now whether you want 4 different colors, 1 to each channel, or you could all the same color and have variations maybe horizontal lines or vertical lines. You could even have variations of colors and action or lines. The possibles are near endless what you can do with a standard 4 x 4 setup
  10. The simple response 1 channel per each facial feature. Ie eyes channel 1, mouth channels 2-4 or more depending on how many different expressions you want. Use whatever channels configuration you want that works with your setup. If you use my example of 4 channels per a face, you could easily have four faces singing on one controller. Hope this helps
  11. Where did you get your lights from?
  12. I successful ran my show last year on Win 8 with no problems.
  13. Agreed! I doubled my show size for this year and it started in December of last year. Best wishes now on with the show
  14. Welcome back and congrats! My opinion would be 1. Put the fog machine on a separate timer, not on the controller since its always on. Just set the timer to allow for the 4 minute warm up time before the show starts. 2. The box stores will start getting their Halloween out by the the end of the month or first of September, mainly after schools starts in your area. Or you could also look online and find good deals on incans. 4. You might think about purple net lights and orange columns kinda of break it up and let the singing pumpkin stand out more. Well there is my opinion hopefully it answers most of your questions and good luck.
  15. I'm pretty sure everyone and anyone one time or another have started with a TSO song. Very easy to get WiW sequenced up.
  16. I use youtube downloader, its a free app that allows you to take anything from youtube and put into any format you need including mp3
  17. Welcome aboard Jeff! The simple answer to your question is for each colour is a channel. If you have 3 colours per a tree and want a different tree to come on at different times that would take 15 channels. You might want to have each colour a channel but have all 5 trees linked together this only using 3 channels. Now you have time in the off season to play with any variations to best match your layout. Good luck!
  18. mcmpros

    Got LOR Fever

    Welcome aboard Justin!! You've found just the place to help in everything when your LOR fever turns into the full blown CLAP. Also another note buy more wire all those lights will need extension cords. Have a Happy New Year and stay Merry.
  19. mcmpros

    Auto Shows

    Just throwing out a outside note of my first year animated with LOR. If you use a computer just for all your sequences and music. First thing make sure you have it all backed up on a flash or another computer. Never good for a hard drive to crash two weeks into the season (yes it happen), Luckily I had backed them all up on my laptop. And second lesson learned this season, have a battery backup system. I have my shows set to come on at 5 every night but if the power flickers and the computer restarts, Lets just say its a dark house when I arrive home. Have a Happy New Year everyone and I might be seeing some of you at Christmas Expo 2013!
  20. mcmpros

    timing grid

    Are you talking about building a sequence or during a show?
  21. In show editor do you have turn all lights out after each sequence checked? Try that, also make sure your all on sequence is on to the end.
  22. Only option that might work is open all sequences in editer and then play all sequences when you then you should see it your visualization. You might need to use a stop watch to get the timing down.
  23. Yes buy from LOR directly, second go ahead and download the software now! This way you'll have some type of feel for it when your controller gets there. Third start now to figure out what section of lights you want to run on which channel. That's just a few things that can help streamline your show and experience twinkling lights. Good luck and welcome aboard.
  24. mcmpros

    Lighting Bushes

    I have LED multi colored net lights on my bushes. If you don't have squared over bushes it could be a little difficult with net lights to make them look the way you're wanting.
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