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  1. I finally got a chance to test my floods this evening. Completely disconnected from the network, Hardware Utility found them no problem. I checked both connectors and each worked fine. Tested with both a factory Cat5 cable, and one of the cables that was attached during failure. I didn't pull the other Cat5 that was connected to them, as I needed it to still run the rest of the network. Tested all channels, and they worked fine. The only other thing I didn't do was daisy-chain them together and see if network could find them. I plan to put them back in the yard tomorrow and see if they are working there. whyintheworld, I double-checked the documentation for the flood, and it specifically states the Unit ID is stored in permanent memory when using HU, so I don't think it is lost in a power outage. Mine were fine after sitting in garage since Sunday.
  2. I just saw this same thing in another thread regarding the floods and reverting to DIP switch setting. I'm currently still rebuilding my MegaTree from the storm this weekend, so haven't had a chance to troubleshoot. I did take the barrel connectors off and all connections look dry. The unit I left in place is still working without a problem, and still not found on network. My next plan was to connect each flood individually to computer and see if they are found. If they lose their ID when losing power, that is a real pain. Seems odd too, because I don't remember resetting the unit ID this year when I put them out. I swear they all had the same unit ID that I had set them to last year, and I know I checked to make sure they had IDs because they were new last year and I forgot to label them so I used HU to check their ID at start of this season and I labelled them.
  3. I took one of them apart yesterday and didn't notice any water. Reassaembled and still had no luck with it coming on. I brought the 2 non-functioning ones inside since it seemed no point to have them outside. I plan to connect them individually with new Cat5 to see if the hardware utility finds them. If not, Help Ticket time. Can't understand why the one flood is still working flawlessly yet is not identified on the network.
  4. I have 3 CF50Ds. They have been working fine this year since I turned my lights on 3 weeks ago. We had a major storm come through last night and my MegaTree was severely damaged requiring major clean-up today. I had my lights on to see what else was damaged. I will call my floods "1", "2", and "3" now. I ran my lights all on loop that cycles the floods between green and red. Flood 3 was on, but I noticed 1 and 2 were not on. I have them plugged into an outdoor power stake, it has a timer. The power went out during the storm and I noticed that the timer stake had reverted from "On" to "Off". I turned it back on. Flood 2 came on, but Flood 1 did not. I messed with the cables and Flood 1 briefly came on, but then went back off. During this time I noticed that Flood 3, which was previously on, was now off. It was variably on and off for a couple minutes, then off for good. All other controllers daisy-chained with these were working fine. I turned on the Hardware Utility and it found NONE of the floods, but all of my other controllers. I cycled power, no joy. Flood 2, although not found, was still working fine, so I removed Floods 1 & 3 from the network completely and brought them inside. I ran Hardware Utility again and still it did not find Flood 2, but did find all other controllers. I started my All On loop again, and Flood 2 worked. Started my Schedule and Flood 2 worked fine. I'm not exactly sure what is going on here. I've never had the lights open, so they should still be water-tight. I'm open to any ideas for troubleshooting. Thanks.
  5. Yeah, so I was way off. Running 3.12 on the show computer. Oops. Upgrading right now.
  6. I think my show computer is running 4.3.10, but I'm not sure, I'd have to check it. I sequence on one computer and then run it on another. I have 4.3.14 on my sequencing computer for sure. I updated my show computer last year, but have not yet this year.
  7. Hmm...it sure made a difference for me. I could not run my high channel count show before doing this. After, works with no problems. If anyone has other ideas what might be causing this, and why the patch solved it, then I'm definitely all ears.
  8. I found on another forum where someone patched all their LOR executables with a 4gb patch and that fixed the problem. I did the same last night and my show now plays fine. If you happen to have the above problem, run the patch file on your LOR files and everything seems to work great.
  9. I had my show running completely fine. I updated some sequences yesterday and now I can't get it to play a show. It gives me an error called "Comm/Wimsock error" and "Unable to allocate enough memory for the event table" for every song. I have "load all sequences" checked in the show because they are such huge files there was quite a bit of lag between them, up to 3-4 minutes between songs. Like I said, it was running completely fine until I updated the sequences yesterday. They still control the lights just fine out of the sequence editor, I just can't get them to play through on a show schedule. Anyone else get errors like these or have seen these errors before? Would appreciate any advice. Right now, the only thing I can get to run is my static lights animation sequence.
  10. I am having a problem where random channels are lighting up when the unit is powered on. Show computer is completely off, an neither of the other 2 controllers on the network are doing it.
  11. Figured it out. Set the resolution for background image on my large desktop monitor. When I used the computer attached to a smaller monitor, the sim mode shrinks it to fit the screen, but does not adjust the placement of the props. When I attached my computer to the large monitor again this evening, everything was back to normal.
  12. All of a sudden my models all shift to the right when I go to sim mode. Viz has been working perfectly and then "BAM" this started all of a sudden last night. No known changes were made to Viz or the background, back all of my models are shifted equally to the right on the background when in sim mode. On the Visualizer screen they are all in the proper place, so I'm not sure how to correct this since it only happens when I start the sim. Am I missing something?
  13. Finally heard from Darryl today. Shipping out my order today.
  14. Finally heard from Darryl at CLS.com. They are going to ship my order today.
  15. Tree topper I currently have. I use the pixel strips from Boscoyo mounted to hardware from ChristmasLightShow.com.
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