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  1. I'm about as new as you can get to LOR and too top it off i'm pretty much computer illieterate!! (Not a good combination!! ) But the folks on this Forum are awesome and have been more than willing to help me out!! I built a 14' mega tree with 2k worth of lights. Did it on my own and it took me four full days (as in 8am to 9pm) to get it done!! A little bit of a learning curve, I'm pretty sure I could cut a day off that now that I have a clue as to what I'm doing! It looks pretty sharp though! Still getting the hang of the sequencing, which again has a pretty steep learning curve!! And i've just scratched the surface, but I definetly got the bug!!!! Got all kinds of ideas for next year!!! So, if I could get a tree built and running I'm pretty sure anyone can!!!
  2. Yup, that was the problem!! Worked like a charm!! Thanx again and have a Merry Christmas!!!!!
  3. I'm brand new to LOR, having purchased two controlers just over a week ago. Everything seemed to be going fine until I tried to run a show sequence last night. I've watched the tutorial and scoured this forum, but when I right click on the LOR contorl panel I do not get the choice to enable the program. All I get is open, pin to taskbar, pin to start menu, remove from this list and properties. When I click open, Norton Anti virus asks if I want to allow it to make changes to the computer. When I click yes the box closes, but nothing else happens or changes! VERY frustrating. (Keep in mind I'm not too computer savvy, which begs the question why I would do this to myself, but hey those light shows are awesome!!) Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Wow! That was quick! Thanx for the response! Now I just gotta figure the PM thing out!! So you see how much fun I'm gonna have with the sequencing given my VAST knowledge of computers!!!!!
  5. Well, I've read thru this entire post (I didn't fall asleep, but my head hurts!!) and once again i'm a day late and a dollar short (or maybe $124 short!!). I orderd my 1st LOR controller AND the Wholehouse FM transmitter on Saturday! UPS says its on its way and will be delivered Dec 5th. AFTER reading this topic I mentioned to my wife that all the veterans on here advised against buying that particular transmitter!!! That was a BAD idea!! NOW I'm in the doghouse and I havent even gotten it yet!!! Sooo in the expert opinions of all those who have "been there done that," do I send it back before I even open it up or do I see just how "bad" it is and then write a review on how I was a putz and didn't heed the advice of those who know better (and beg my wife to let me sleep back in the comfort of our Tempurpedic mattress!)?? BTW - I can't wait to start playing with the LOR controller!!! Though I'm guessing I'm gonna wish I bought another unit!!!
  6. I'm not sure how accurate the delivery times are from LOR, (it said 2 day ground) but I just placed my order for my 1st "controller kit" yesterday!! And I'm HOPING it comes in time to at least get something up and running. I have the majority of my lights up and in a static display that I've been doing for years. Just hoping to add a few animated segments for starters. My biggest concern is that me and computers kinda have this hate, hate relationship thing going on! My wife has to hide all the hammers when I sit down with a computer to do anything more than basic emailing or word processing!!! So this is gonna be a challenge, but I'm VERY impressed by this forum!! BTW I think I may already have the CLAP "disease!!"
  7. I'm brand new to this LOR stuff and this forum in particular. In fact, I just orderd my 1st controller yesterday!! I seem to have this knack for getting behind the 8-ball right out of the chute!! Looks like i'm only about 4 or 5 months behind!! I've already built two medium sized arches that should have 4 channels each and will be finishing my medium (about 12 foot) mega tree on Wednsday! From what I've been able to glean from this site that'll pretty much tap out my 16 channels. This seems to be an AWESOME forum with a lot of good hearted people! I'm VERY impressed that members donated controllers to newbies!!!!!! Renew's my faith in mankind!!!!! Now all I need is my controller (and help to figure it out!! )
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