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  1. Seattlemusicguy48

    adding a dmx contriller atarting at a certain channel

    Bob and all- Thanks for this post. I was wondering about the same issue. My DMX controller has capability of 16 outputs and I could figure out how to use only four. Ken
  2. Seattlemusicguy48

    Error Loading SUP file in Sequencer

    I did have 'tails' that extended beyond the grid. I shortened them but it still generated an error. I tried a slightly different viz file, reloaded the sequence in SuperStar, and exported it again. This time it did work. I'm still curious why it generated an error but will move forward. Perhaps something stuck even though I shorted the tails.
  3. Seattlemusicguy48

    Error Loading SUP file in Sequencer

    I'm just starting to program my DMX arches for this year's Halloween show. When I export my SuperStar program to the Sequence Editor in Legacy mode I get the following: Error Loading Sequence Invalid end centisecond for last replacement event: 22283 channel is 22242 centiseconds. I tried creating the Sequence file in the 'New' Intensity File format and it worked fine. My sequences are not exceptionally huge and I'm sort of old school in that I prefer the 'Legacy' version which allows you to see the actual programming done in SuperStar in the Sequence Editor. In the SuperStar Editor I'm only running four arches of 50 elements each and two sets of CCBulbs for my roof line of 50 elements each. Any thoughts on what's generating my error?
  4. Seattlemusicguy48

    Pixel Editor Timing on, Sequence Editor Timing off

    I, too had this problem. As clarification, once I convert the audio to WMA format, do I need to go back to the Pixel Editor and re-program the props or does the conversion to the WMA format fix the delay issue? Thanks, Ken
  5. Seattlemusicguy48

    Enhanced vs. Non-Enhanced Network

    Thanks for the replies. I'm guessing I do need to update my firmware, although at this time I'm going to wait out the season, (If it ain't broke, don't fix it) as things are now running just fine. And I am running the Pro level of license. I do like some of the new features but that 'Enhanced' network thing has tripped me up more than once.
  6. Seattlemusicguy48

    Enhanced vs. Non-Enhanced Network

    I've updated to version 4 of the software which now has the ability to add 'Enhanced' to an individual network. I have four networks, one 'Regular' and three High Speed networks. One of my networks drives my 12 CCR tree (12 controllers), one drives my 24 strand Pixel Tree (6 CCP controllers) and the third drives 5 controllers connected to my arches. Prior to going 'live' for our Yule show on Friday I changed all the high speed networks to 'Enhanced'. Much to my horror, my 12 CCR tree did not work at all. Using the Hardware Utility I found that things were working just fine. During my panic, I tried changing the network that connects to my 12 CCR tree to -Non-Enhanced'. Then everything worked. So, does anyone know why my other two networks work just fine with the 'Enhanced' setting, yet the network connected to my 12 CCR tree didn't. Thanks, Ken (WestSeattleYuletide)
  7. Seattlemusicguy48

    Cosmic Color Flood help and guidance needed

    I added one of the 50 Watt RGB Floods this year also. I've had some issues with it in my Yule display. My Hardware Utility on the laptop I use for running my shows showed 'Unknown Device' but did locate the controller. I brought it inside and connected it to my main computer (the one I do sequencing) and it recognized it as the RGB Flood. I noticed the version I was using on my main computer was newer than that on my laptop. I updated the version on my laptop and now it recognizes it just fine. However, I was having trouble with the flood not working during some of the songs in my show. Seemed to be random and was very frustrating. I tried using it on my high speed network (according to the manual it should work there) but it did not respond to the sequences at all. I re-configured it to my 'Regular' network and now it seems to work fine. The one thing I changed is that its now the second controller in my Regular network. Previously it was either the third or fourth. Perhaps its more sensitive to the network signal strength.
  8. Seattlemusicguy48

    Stuff from Pixel Editor Not Showing up in Visualizer

    ITS WORKING!!!!! Well, a thorough reading of the Help material led me to something in the Network Configuration Utility. Turns out I needed to set the networks for the Cosmic Devices to 'Enhanced'. Its the far right column in the LOR network configuration panel. Just click in the blank area and a pop-up box will appear which has a box for 'Enhanced LOR Network' at the bottom of the box. Click the box and then 'OK'. I restarted my computer and not only did my physical lights work (I hooked up a controller and light strings to make sure) but it also appeared on the LOR Visualizer. I can only hope this helps other who may have been stuck on this problem. Ken
  9. Seattlemusicguy48

    Stuff from Pixel Editor Not Showing up in Visualizer

    First, thanks for the response. Yes, I have 'Control Visualizer' turned on and the Comm Listener is running. I did start the LOR control panel and The LOR Comm Listener window seems to indicate its listening. In order to rule out more variables, I set up one CCPixel controller and connected two strings of RGB lights. I loaded two sequences, one of which was the sequence I purchased and the other the one I programmed myself using the pixel editor. When I ran the purchased sequence, the lights seemed to work as intended by the sequence. The sequence I programmed myself did not. Just to be clear, these were 'real' lights and I'm not referring to the Visualizer. Should the LOR Visualizer show the lights from a sequence that was programmed with the Pixel Editor?
  10. I think this may have already been addressed in the extensive posts here but can I verify this? I'm adding a pixel tree this year using 6 sets (12 strings) of CCPixels in the 25 up, 25 down format. I've been able to create the tree in both the Visualizer and in the Pixel Editor. I have a purchased sequence that I've added to one of my sequences and it shows up just fine (and looks great) in the visualizer. I've been working on the Pixel Editor and after figuring out how it works, I have created some effects I want to add to my regular sequence. I have saved the intensity file and can see where it shows up in the Sequence Editor. However, it does not show up in the visualizer when I run the sequence. I've made sure the addresses match, the networks match and even made sure the network configuration is turned on for everything. Any thoughts or will I have to wait until things are set up and I'm running the 'real' show?
  11. Seattlemusicguy48

    6 Channel SuperStar "Star"

    One day I hope to upgrade to one of Brian's 6-channel stars but for now I'm using one of the 4 element exploding stars from 3G. However, I added one of those 'tree topper' stars that are designed to top a standard Christmas Tree and it seems to work fine. So I have a 5-element star. My controller's channel 6 is still reserved for the day I can get the 6-channel stars and my sequences all have six channels dedicated to the star.
  12. Seattlemusicguy48

    Cosmic color pixel lead extensions

    I note LOR's warranty applies for one year but then provides for a 60% replacement even if 'eaten by dog'. So if I cut my three year old CCBulb cable I still have the option of a replacement for 60% of the original cost. (Hey, my dog can perform as a wire cutter!) So from the many entries to this thread, there appears to be no source for original connectors but many have cut the cable and extended them. I my case I'm only looking at an extension of about 6 feet. Am I correct or is there a source for the connectors I have missed?
  13. Seattlemusicguy48

    Which USB adapter?

    I have been assisting a friend trouble-shooting some issues with his controllers and verified that the new, high-speed adapters do work fine at low speed. So I would suggest anyone considering new adapters, look at the purchase of the high-speed versions.
  14. Seattlemusicguy48

    CCR Arch Sequencing

    I found the SuperStar Instant Sequencer to work quite well. However you will need to get familiar with the TCM settings and the settings in the Timing Map panel. I have found that the sensitivity is critical and will vary from song to song. For example, I'm looking at screen snaps that show 3 on one and 9 on another. The Length of effects will affect things, too. I found that the 'Comet Full Length' and 'Meteor Full Length' worked quite will for my arches. These settings are in the 'Theme' area of the Instance Sequence panel. I'm adding two more sets of CCBulbs for my arches this year, for a total of eight and will be re-sequencing my entire show.
  15. Seattlemusicguy48

    RGB 10W Flood and Single RGB Ribbon Maximum Voltage

    There are lots of "12 volt" power supplies that are actually designed to output 13.8 volts. I hold a Ham Radio license and many of the radios are designed to be used in 'mobile' situations where they are mounted in an automobile. Typical automobile voltages are 13.8 volts so the manufacturers have used the 13.8 volts as a standard. Many of the manufacturers of power supplies match this output so that our 'mobile' radios can be used at home. So as sonoma indicates, you may see the output of your supply drop as you add loads. If not, I wouldn't worry too much as there will be series resistors inside your Floods. You might consider measuring the current with an ammeter and calculate the wattage (multiply the volts times amperes = watts) will all the RGB channels full on. My floods are rated at 10 watts and am guessing yours are too. So a current draw over .73 amperes or so might be a concern. And finally, some power supplies have an adjustment where you can change the output voltage. I'd suggest checking the manufacturers data sheet. Good Luck, Ken