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  1. S5 Beta : Where to download

    Thanks! It would be great to post this as a sticky under the open beta section. As I was looking under there as it seemed the logical place to find
  2. I am trying to find out where to download the S5 beta. Please advise
  3. I would like a copy as well please: jstomasi@gmail.com Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. New Year Eves Fun

    May I have a copy please. Jstomasi@gmail.com Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. New Year Eves 80 Montage

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  6. Cake by the Ocean by DNCE

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  7. New Year Eves Bon Jovi

    Yes please. Jstomasi@gmail.com. Thanks as always James Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Free 80 channel sequences

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  9. Silent Night MercyMe

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  10. New Year Eves Iron Butterfly

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  11. Water in RGB strip

    I experienced the same issue with one of my leaping arches CCR... I pulled the waterproof cap down and let it dry out for a few house. Blew it out with some compressed air. Added silicone and pushed cap back down. Then wrapped with electrical tape. You could use liquid tape as well and just dip the end although could be hard with a mega tree. Good luck and I feel you pain. Water and pixels are not a good mix. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Sorry I stepped on the thread, it was not intentional.
  13. Alan, First off, thank you so much for your help. I stayed up until 2AM EST trying to get this resolved. Called it and went to bed. I saw your response above just before I called it as I lost internet connectivity in the middle of this challenge, go figure. Woke up this morning and checked the channel mappings in PE LID file, in sequence. BINGO Why is it always the easiest thing that is right in front of your face. I guess being a programmer we always look at the problem from the most complex aspect first. Anyway, I decided to create a fresh LMS sequence. Copy the LMS timings in from the previous sequence and save it. Then I fired up pixel editor, modified the props to the correct network, saved out the lid file. Copied that and the LMS to the show machine and held my breadth and BAAAAM it is working. Thank you for pointing out the obvious as I was blinded by 200 + hours of setup and countless months of programming. My show will kick off at 5PM tonight as scheduled. Merry Christmas John
  14. Thanks for Staying up late... I am determined / have to get this working. I have tried this on two computers. I have eliminated a network issue. I have 4 controllers on an aux network that is running in enhanced mode. One is a gen 3 and the others are 2 cbm24s and a pixcon 8. Sequences play and I can see all the rgb devices and 16 channels of the one controller. No I did not run the migrations tool Yes, The regular network items and aux network gen 3 controller light up. Only the locked LID file items showing at the bottom of the sequence do not play. I cannot control lights from pixel editor on either machine. I can control lights in sequence editor and make the RGB devices on AUX network fire. for all other Non PE sequences Do you have to run the migration tool. I was under the understanding that if you use sequence editor for regular network channels and use pixel editor for rgb devices you were good, as long as you don't have both apps open at the same time. Also if you save out the intensity file (LID) then all you need to do is migrate the LID and LMS to any computer. As long as it show up at the bottom of the sequence with the diagonal blue lines you are good. Could the problem be that the 16 channels on the aux network were created in sequence editor and that is why they have to be imported? I did do a test with a new animation and musical sequence, but they will still not render the RGB items on aux network when running the test in sequence editor with control lights on. Thoughts
  15. Wondering if someone can shed some light on an issue I am having. I bought a new pixel tree from LOR. I have everything setup correctly from a networking perspective. The sequences I created in sequence editor that I added the pixel tree directly to all work fine. I am having issues with the one sequence with RGM completed in PE, and of course it is the theme of my show this year, porting the files to my show machine and getting it to fire in the show. The non-pixels work fine but no pixels are firing. I also have 2 cmb24s, 2 CCRs. Could it be because the 2 CCRs are not on the enhanced network? I am sequencing all the non rgb elements in the sequence editor and all the RGBs in Pixel editor. The show all looks fine in the PE visualization. I save out the LID file and copy that and the LMS file as well as audio to the show machine. The sequence runs, but no RGB. I just realized I did not copy over the two image files I am using in the PE effect for a portion of the show. I assume I have to copy those over, but could that be causing the issue? Are the paths to the LID file and picture used in a picture effect relative paths? So do I have to go through the process you outline in removing the LMS data in PE? When I open the sequence on the show machine and update the audio file location I see the PE data in blue at the bottom. Am I missing something?