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  1. I am having the same problem using Vista. I have uninstalled and re-downloaded about 10 times. I have disabled my firewall and virus protection and I keep getting a continuous loop of "please wait while windows configures light o rama". Please help.
  2. The only difference is that I run the show until 11:00 on Friday and Saturday. The start time is the same time every night. The only time I have any problems at all are on Saturday night.
  3. Last Saturday I started a thread about my show suddenly not working (not all lights coming on, some lights coming on when they chould not etc) after working correctly the entire week before. I tried all of the trouble shooting with no correction to the problem. And then on Sunday everything was working correctly. It has worked correctly all week and then tonight the same thing happened that happened last Saturday. Seems to be a bug that only occurs on a Saturday. Anyone experience anything similar? Any suggestions on how to correct? I can run it directly out of the sequence editior and all of the lights work correctly.
  4. yes, everything stays on 24/7. This is my second year and the first time I have ever had a similar problem....and hope it is my last. And by the way, I grew up in Texas so I know the weather here in So Cal is much better than yours.
  5. Thank you so much for your input. Before I started trying to trouble shoot it this morning, I thought I would try running the show one more time. Sometime overnight it has miraculously healed itself. Everything is working fine now. I even put the original cat 5 back on so everything is exactly the same this morning as it was before the troubles started. I will keep my fingers crossed that this does not happen again. You just don't know how many people came by last night and I had to tell them I was having technical difficulties. Thanks again for your help and I hope I don't need your it again this season.
  6. Show has been running fine for a week. Suddenly tonight, everything is a mess. Only three out of nine controlers are working and there are Lights coming on when they shouldnt etc. I have not made any changes to the sequencing or to the show. I tried disabling the show and enabling again, but no change. I have rebooted computer. I have re-downloaded software 3 times. I have changed out the cat5 cable going to controler number 1. The red lights were all solid but now they are all blinking. The hardware utility does find all 9 controlers. Any ideas or suggestions. Thanks for your help
  7. Well, let me add my name to the happy band of users (PC users that is ). I did not even jump on this crazy train until the week before Thanksgiving last year. I ordered 2 CTB16PCs on that Saturday and by Monday, I figured out I needed two more. Had all 4 by the Friday after Thanksgiving. I had a 6400 light mega tree, 8 mini trees w/ 600 lights each, as well as about 5000 addl lights to put up. I was sequencing two songs like crazy at night. By 12/4, I had everything up and running. I had no problems setting the ID on the 4 controllers. I do agree with the other posters about the screw mechanism for closing the box and I would like to see recommendations on the best way to run the cat5 cable in and out of the box. I would also like to see recommendations on attaching the box to a solid surface. The only issue I had is it stopped running in mid show twice. I simply disabled the program and then enabled it again and it started right up. I saw there was a download to fix that problem but I did not use it because the problem did not pop up until the season was almost over so I decided to leave well enough alone. I absolutely love the results that I was able to obtain with the controlers and plan on adding more this year. My mantra is GO BIG OR GO HOME
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