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  1. I got information from my host and they have been experiencing some connectivity issues due to high DNS and RDP traffic that has been causing issues with their servers. I have sent Zooo a message here and will be getting him some qoutes.
  2. Zooo: Sorry for the delay in response. My regular job has been keeping me very busy the past month. I just haven't had the time to get on this forum. I sent you a reply from your e-mail i recieved from you today. Dan
  3. I had a couple customers request some singing face frames. I have posted images of them on my Facebook page. Check them out here.
  4. What about and helper and 2 ladders? One on each side of the window.
  5. Don: These are Live correct? Any plans to offer Video series?
  6. John: Thanks for the suggestion. I will start adding that to my website. I can tell you most weight less than 8 lbs and with packaging most ship out at less that 15 lbs. But that all depends on which frame and how many you order.
  7. Matt: What music track/version did you use for this one/ I had in mind the original version. that is the one i plan on sending him
  8. Customer requested wireframe, Fluer De Lis 47" tall. Check it out here.
  9. They are expecting a shipment in just a couple of weeks.
  10. Michael: If you can send me an e-mail at Info@holidayyardartstore.com with what you are looking for and I can get you prices. Do you want just white or are you wanting a color? Single Channel or Multi-Channel
  11. Thanks: That is a 24". It can be made smaller or larger. Lighting can be as simple as a single channel to an 8 channel configuration.
  12. Have a question: Is it possible to have the venders attachment size increased? the 500 kb limits the amount of images we can post. People like to see photos.
  13. I now have a 3D Star available. Can be used as a Mega Tree topper of can also be hung from a tree. Check it out here.
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