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  1. I have been asked to help a local fire dept. to animate one of their trucks for a Christmas parade. I have one of the original mini-directors that I would like to give them to help save money. Can this mini-director be used to run an E1.31 network of pixels with a non-LOR controller (San Devices) in addition to the standard LOR controllers?
  2. Display is on its way to Oregon. Loaded up 26 ft UHaul yesterday. On its way to a nonprofit community center that is involved alot with children. Hate to admit it, but was a sad day, especially for my wife who didn't hold back on the tears watching it leave. Told her it was like sending your last child off to college! Thanks to all of this community for the support over the last fifteen years or so. VA is taking good care of me, Agent Orange was nasty stuff... enough said.
  3. I think I have the entire display spoken for, but will update if it becomes available again.
  4. After fifteen years or so, I find it necessary to get out of this hobby for health reasons. I have a large selection of LOR AC, DC, and various other controllers/components that are looking for new homes. I am not trying to sell them, but they are being offered free with only one catch, you must pick them up as I will not ship. If you know of anyone that might be interested in trying out this hobby, this might be a chance for them to get into it for minimal cost. All of the AC controllers are first generation boards in boxes with pigtails attached. Probably have about 20 AC controllers, several DC controllers, pixel controllers, 12x50 pixel tree, 24x50 and 6x50 pixel matrices, etc. I am not offering these to someone wanting to resell them, but to hobbyists who want to expand or get into the hobby. I am located in Casa Grande, AZ, midway between Phoenix and Tucson. If interested, please message me above or email at circus4u at msn.com
  5. Mike, Since this computer is not normally connected to the internet, there is only Windows Defender on it, no other anti virus program.
  6. I don't plan on upgrading the Windows 7 machine. I have other programs on their for editing movies, etc. that I don't know will work well on Windows 10. Everything works well with Windows 7 on it, "If it's not broken, don't mess with it!"
  7. Mike, That worked when I did the "Repair" step. I was able to open the Sequence Editor without problems after REPAIR. Sequence Editor now shows version 4.30 and seems to work as normal. Thanks a lot. In case it helps though, these are the error messages I received BEFORE the "Repair" steps.
  8. Uninstalled the old version and tried to install again, no luck. Installed LOR 5 beta with no problems. Uninstalled it and tried to install .30 again with no luck. Installed the 4.3.018 with no problems, which is what I am using now. Same problem on my Vaio laptop as on the Dell desktop. Both are running Windows 10 64 bit. Show machine is Windows 7, but really don't want to mess with it unless I am sure it will load without problems.
  9. These are the messages I receive when I try to update.
  10. I also have the same problem. Tried updating two machines from 4.0.38 today and get the same error message. Rolled back to 4.0.38.
  11. I turn it off each night and on each day before the show. Depending on the projector, the bulb stays on even though it is not projecting an image. Replacement bulbs are not cheap and you are having it lit many unnecessary hours. Then, you are using a lot of electricity while it is not in use also.
  12. #1 Studio Photographer #2 USAF - Bombs #3 Medical Laboratory Technician #4 USAF - Bombs #5 US Dept of HUD - MutiFamily Appraiser #6 Retired #7 Retirement is Boring - Part time work at Wally World (Walmart)
  13. Considering the purchase of the Pixie 16 Smart Pixel Controller during the summer sale. I know it hasn't been released yet, but have a couple questions for the LOR staff to see if it will work for my purpose. The only info is the data sheet, no user's manual posted yet. I am considering using this to control the pixels outlining my house. Is there a distance limitation from the controller to each set of 100 pixels? Are null pixels needed and if so, how will the controller be programmed to skip them? A software upgrade?
  14. Thinking about ordering the Pixie 16 and while reading the data sheet, it says, " It also supports Enhanced Pixel protocol for use with all the latest pixel support capabilities of S5." Is this a new upgrade? Don't see it listed with the software, so I assume it may still be in development.
  15. Thank you, that's the information I was looking for. Thanks, also, for the tip on nulls. I have been putting these pixels up to outline the house and thought I would use Halloween as a test for them.
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