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  1. Denny

    LOR 4.3.28 crashes after install

    Mike, Since this computer is not normally connected to the internet, there is only Windows Defender on it, no other anti virus program.
  2. Denny

    LOR 4.3.28 crashes after install

    I don't plan on upgrading the Windows 7 machine. I have other programs on their for editing movies, etc. that I don't know will work well on Windows 10. Everything works well with Windows 7 on it, "If it's not broken, don't mess with it!"
  3. Denny

    LOR 4.3.28 crashes after install

    Mike, That worked when I did the "Repair" step. I was able to open the Sequence Editor without problems after REPAIR. Sequence Editor now shows version 4.30 and seems to work as normal. Thanks a lot. In case it helps though, these are the error messages I received BEFORE the "Repair" steps.
  4. Denny

    LOR 4.3.28 crashes after install

    Uninstalled the old version and tried to install again, no luck. Installed LOR 5 beta with no problems. Uninstalled it and tried to install .30 again with no luck. Installed the 4.3.018 with no problems, which is what I am using now. Same problem on my Vaio laptop as on the Dell desktop. Both are running Windows 10 64 bit. Show machine is Windows 7, but really don't want to mess with it unless I am sure it will load without problems.
  5. Denny

    LOR 4.3.28 crashes after install

    These are the messages I receive when I try to update.
  6. Denny

    LOR 4.3.28 crashes after install

    I also have the same problem. Tried updating two machines from 4.0.38 today and get the same error message. Rolled back to 4.0.38.
  7. Denny

    Projector Operation

    I turn it off each night and on each day before the show. Depending on the projector, the bulb stays on even though it is not projecting an image. Replacement bulbs are not cheap and you are having it lit many unnecessary hours. Then, you are using a lot of electricity while it is not in use also.
  8. Denny

    First 7 Jobs

    #1 Studio Photographer #2 USAF - Bombs #3 Medical Laboratory Technician #4 USAF - Bombs #5 US Dept of HUD - MutiFamily Appraiser #6 Retired #7 Retirement is Boring - Part time work at Wally World (Walmart)
  9. Considering the purchase of the Pixie 16 Smart Pixel Controller during the summer sale. I know it hasn't been released yet, but have a couple questions for the LOR staff to see if it will work for my purpose. The only info is the data sheet, no user's manual posted yet. I am considering using this to control the pixels outlining my house. Is there a distance limitation from the controller to each set of 100 pixels? Are null pixels needed and if so, how will the controller be programmed to skip them? A software upgrade?
  10. Denny

    S5 ??

    Thinking about ordering the Pixie 16 and while reading the data sheet, it says, " It also supports Enhanced Pixel protocol for use with all the latest pixel support capabilities of S5." Is this a new upgrade? Don't see it listed with the software, so I assume it may still be in development.
  11. Denny

    Pixel Power Injection

    Thank you, that's the information I was looking for. Thanks, also, for the tip on nulls. I have been putting these pixels up to outline the house and thought I would use Halloween as a test for them.
  12. Denny

    Pixel Power Injection

    Sorry about that uncledan! Typing on my cell phone during a power outage and 111 degrees. Guess my mind was a little "cooked."
  13. Denny

    Pixel Power Injection

    When I first started using pixels, everything I read said to inject power every 50 pixels. That said, "unclean" said he has no problems for 100 pixels. So, I don't see any reason that 75 & 76 would not work. Since everything I have done to date has used 150 pixels per universe, I always injected at 100 and 101 since that provided power to every 50 pixels in the universe. I would say try 75 and 76 and put them on at full white. If you don't see any color shift to red and they are all white, you are good to go.
  14. Denny

    Pixel Power Injection

    On my matrix and pixel trees with 150 pixel universes, I generally tap in between 100 and 101 with power injection. With the pixel trees and matrix, I have always used a power line separate from the line attached to the controller and controlling the pixels, in other words, two lines for each universe. Rather than doing that, I was curious to see if I could just use the line from the controller and tap into the power strands for the power injection. Or do I need to run a new line from the power supply to use for injection?
  15. I am outlining my house with pixels this year and will need to use power injection and null pixels due to the distances involved from the controller. I know I need to install null pixels every ten feet or so and also power injection about every fifty pixels. Do I need to use a separate power line or can I simply tap into the 12 volt power lines in the main line from the controller? With my pixel trees and grids, I have always run a separate power line from the power supply, but if I can just tap into the line from the controller, it would make wiring a bit simpler.