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  1. Sarge could you please send me a copy? rgambino@charter.net, Thanks in advance.
  2. I checked all of the cat5 cords and moved them away from the AC cords,
  3. this may be a lenghty post but hope this helps somone in a similar situation, I had channels firing in 3 of my control boxes 5,6,7 that should not have been firing, these control my mega tree and right side icicle lights, only when a solid green command from the program right before that would change to a different color the red, white and blue would flash, I scoured the forums here for all possible things to be wrong , I took all of the advice given and tried each one, checked every cat5 cable one by one, checked the sequences for light blips, checked controllers, made sure cat5 cables were not by any AC cords, did not fix the problem, here is my findings, those boxes are only running about 3 amps each, so I had all of the AC cords plugged in together, I had run the sequence unplugged the cat5 cord going to box 7, when the green command came up in the program the white, red and blue still fired, the cat5 was disconnected, the command was back feeding up through the AC cord to the other boxes firing the other colors, I unhooked all of the AC cords and ran them one by one the the outlets, problem solved. I have hooked up these boxes like this for years with no such problem until this year. hope this can help someone, been messing with this problem for a couple of weeks, I thank everybody here for past advise on what to check.
  4. I would like a copy also rgambino@charter.net, Thanks,
  5. Could you please send me #8, rgambino@charter.net Thanks.
  6. My wife is currently working on this to could you please send us a copy of the sequence too, gambinoj@charter.net, thank you.
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