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  1. I go to my local Goodwill, St Vincent DePaul, Salvation Army Stores. You can pick up Christmas Cd's for next to nothing there. I now have 190 Christmas cd's... Any song I don't have, I purchase through amazon or iTunes... I have a program called CLZ which is a database for music Cd's... I can just type in a song title to see if I already own it....very handy!
  2. I made one last year. It uses the 4 singing trees. One I changed to be a girl tree by adding pink and purple lights to the face. It's unit 3 as I remember and is Gwen's voice. I also have two of the back up singing trees on the same lines, so it will look like only three trees are singing. You will have to insert and copy another group if you want to have all 4 independent trees singing. It has a lot of other stuff going on like a weber tree, but you are welcome to it to tweek it to fit your setup... It's too big to upload here I guess, so shoot me an email and I'll send it to you. Thanks Mike mike.ashland@gmail.com
  3. I would love a copy of this.. mike.ashland@gmail.com Thanks Mike Schilling
  4. I would like a copy too if possible, Thanks Mike Re: Pentatonix Hallelujah
  5. I would like a copy ( Mary did you know) as well... Thanks Mike
  6. I would like a copy if possible, Thanks Mike
  7. If you are using a downloaded or free sequence, you must make sure the channels used in the sequence match up with what you actually have.Open up a sequence in the LOR sequence editor and go to Tools/Channel configuration. Most downloaded sequences willshow no device type. You must select Light O Rama. Next, make sure you have Unit# 1 for each channel if only using 1 controller. Then choose Circuits 1-16 for each listed. Each Network should say Regular. Make sure you save the configuration.....
  8. Did you go through the hardware setup procedure utility? It has to find the correct communications port ( com1, com2, etc) It should say something like "found device on com4, do you want to use this device?"Then it allows you to test the communications. When I first set mine up, I jumped over this step and it wouldn't work.... Good Luck
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