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  1. That is what I do on some scenes but since some of the display can be seen from any location some effects look awkward.
  2. Our Display is on a corner lot and Can be watched from three sides. It would be mind blowing if there was the ability to build your props in 3D, much like you design in CAD software. Then when you do a curtain effect you could select which axis it would be placed on. Or if your house is on a corner the effect could wrap around your entire display.
  3. Good Job. I would love a copy. corey.proctor@gmail.com
  4. Thank you, I was afraid of that. I'll try doing it with images for now After reading your reply to the layer post I figured I had my answer. Seeing that you will add layers next year has me excited. .
  5. Is it possible to have a negative or black meteor over a scene? Say I have a solid red scene can I have black meteor(s) go across it? Thank you, Corey
  6. Thanks Ron Boyd for helping me with this. The problem was linked to an un-configured prop in the Visualizer that did not belong. Once I located it and deleted it in visualizer the instant sequence performed as expected.
  7. Refer to Follow up post that follows the guidelines for bug posts.
  8. Report Number: (CLP01) Module: (SuperStar ) Software Version: 3.10.8 compile date Aug 29 2013 OS Version: Windows 7 Enterprise Description: When trying to perform an instant sequence on a selection it failes to sequenc the bottom row of my horizontal grid. I have adjusted random settings for both the timing map and TCM whithout any change. I changeed the sensitivity to Min (1) and clicked sequence selection. I then set sensitivity to max (10) and clicked Sequence Selection and got the exact same result (nothing anywhere). I then set the sensitivity to 9 and had a sequence in the section but my bottom row is still not utilized. I cleared the selection saved and closed SS. I still have the sam issue when it is opened back up. Setting the row to Beat has no effect. Repeatability: Hardware Used: NA FIle is too large to attach.
  9. Hello, I am trying to instant sequence a section and regardless of Timing Map or TCM settings it fails to sequence the bottom two rows of my grid. I believe I have also seen this on the top row as well, but it went away after messing with the settings in the Timing map.
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