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  1. I have seen some in industry use P7 and P10 panels but mainly with another software, can S5 be used for sequencing on P7 and P10 panels?
  2. Can I get this also please, neighborhood kids asking for it thanks, camaro01octane@gmail.com
  3. can I get a copy camaro01octane@gmail.com please and thanks
  4. Nope whats weird in control panel log it didn't have any error or issue, my song audio was playing but lights wasn't working since I was missing some files.
  5. Anyone have a 16ccr of jingle bells batman smells, the neighborhood kids are asking for it, if not jingle bells will have to do, thanks a ton,
  6. I feel like a idiot, I made a folder of all my new songs I am using for my show, I was just copy and pasting the play.lms file and this is why I couldn't play the songs. Long story short I didn't realize you had to copy all files to my document under lightorama.
  7. Hmmm I live in new orleans, Free mardi gras beads galore to person who can help lol, also got frozen crawfish patties, best thing in world when you fry them
  8. I will try again, but the past two days I tried all three. I erased the schedule I had and tried the scheduler and it didn't work. I have no idea whats going on I never had any issues using SSB the last couple years.
  9. Now appreciate everyones help but any idea of what can be going wrong. Yesterday I had to play one song on sequence editor and loop it and every once in a while change the song. It would be nice to use simple show builder or the hub. thanks.
  10. I am sorry about it going off rails, I am super frustrated since I cant get it to work and a big reason I am into xmas lights is bc of my mom she loves it. She is not doing to good so I got a lot on my mind right now., I didn't think it mattered what boxes I had since I can get it to play in sequence editor and not simple show builder. I have my network preferences set for dmx.
  11. I am sorry I thought it was a ethernet cable I didn't realize it was a cat5 cable. I am not using any lightorama boxes this year. I am only using holidaycoro boxes which you can plug straight from your computer to the controller. I can play my songs in sequence editor with no issues but I cant play them with simple show builder which is weird.
  12. Holiday coro boxes are different then lightorama boxes. I have 10 lightorama boxes but I am so far behind that I am not going to use any of them nor did I program my songs to include led lights to mix with my smart lights. I have all dmx channels. I can send my songs I programmed to anyone and yal are welcome to keep them I have a couple good ones programmed but it doesn't do me much good right now, thanks for all yals help to.
  13. I am using holiday coro controllers. I use ethernet cord that goes to my computer to a router to my boxes. Yesterday I just connected the ethernet cord from my computer straight to holiday coro box. I am using all smart rgb lights.
  14. I am not using a usb adaptor I am plugging it with ethernet cord to my pc
  15. Yes sir, I tried to use schedule editor, the hub, and simple show builder. The only thing that happens is I hear the audio for my songs but it doesn't work. My lights work perfectly in sequence editor but when I try to program a show all I get is audio. I get a blue light on the bottom right and I have the schedule enabled.
  16. I am having the same issue. My songs work in sequence editor but they will not work on the hub/ simple show builder, or schedule editor.
  17. I downloaded the new software thinking this would help but I still cant get my xmas lights to work on simple show builder and I also tried the hub. I get a blue and white light bulb on the bottom right and the sound comes on for the song but not the lights. My lights and sound work when I play them from sequence editor. I am using all pixels but that shouldn't matter as I haven't had a issue last year. I have one of the newest updates on my controller box. I am also using my computer to program my display. Any help would be appreciated. thanks.
  18. I converted my songs to .lms files and I can now see them in simple show builder. I have the right time, date and I enable the schedule. I get a blue and white light on the bottom right but my lights don't lite up. Whats weird is I can hear the music from my songs on my computer but the lights wont lite up. I can play my songs in sequence editor using the loredit file but I cant program them from a show. I then tried to use show editor and schedule editor but it keeps telling me I got a show at that time . I am stressing over this and I don't even know if I want to finish hanging my lights since I cant get them to play in a show. Thanks all.
  19. I have no idea what that means, I have S5 pro, superstar and all of that jazz. I run a cord from my computer to my outside boxes.
  20. I can play a .loredit song under sequence editor with no issues but now the songs I transferred to .lms will not play, Just when I thought I had it figured out something else happens, thanks all
  21. Ok I guess I am halfway there. I did create playback files and it changed it to .lms file I added it to my sequence folder and I can now see it under simple show builder but none of the songs I changed to .lms file will play in simple show builder. I have a blue light bulb on right of bottom of my screen that says light o rama enabled and schedule is enabled with the right time and date. It was very weird for one of my songs let it go the song wouldn't play but a video popped up on my computer and played on my computer, I tried to play the songs that I made to a .lms file in sequence editor but it doesn't play.
  22. I cant find any of my songs I sequenced under simple show builder. I am using my computer so I clicked on use a pc and then I don't see any of my songs. Now that I am looking at it all of the songs I can pull up in simple show builder is under .lms and for some reason the songs I sequenced in S5 sequencer editor pro is .loredit How can I change it to .lms and whats the difference between the two and do I need to convert it to .lms for it to pull up under simple show builder, thanks for help
  23. I am curious I got a whole row or universe which is one color. I want to change it to another color. Is there a way to highlight a whole row and change the color of your sequenced row or do I have to click on each part and change the color . I hope there is a trick to changing the color otherwise I am keeping it lol.
  24. camaro01octane@gmail.com looking for mad Russian, and Christmas in Sarajevo also, I believe I got wizards in winter today. thanks all,
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