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  1. notredameforlife

    sequence editor change whole row color

  2. I am curious I got a whole row or universe which is one color. I want to change it to another color. Is there a way to highlight a whole row and change the color of your sequenced row or do I have to click on each part and change the color . I hope there is a trick to changing the color otherwise I am keeping it lol.
  3. notredameforlife

    anyone have trans Siberian orchestra-wizards in winter

    camaro01octane@gmail.com looking for mad Russian, and Christmas in Sarajevo also, I believe I got wizards in winter today. thanks all,
  4. Anyone have Trans Siberian Orcestra 16ccr by chance. I usually use this to do the rest of my house. thanks
  5. Does anyone have let it go---- video from the movie to put in display, I have 16ccr xmas tree and my house don't but I am thinking of adding a 16ccr matrix on my chimney and trying to add some video/ pictures to it, thanks, I am confused on how to add video and when I try to add pictures it doesn't look good
  6. notredameforlife

    nelly- I am number one sharing

    I have a short 23 second song of nelly I am number one if anyone wants it. Its a 16ccr tree and rest of my house outline. Me and my neighbor battle so I was letting him know I won lol
  7. notredameforlife

    anyone have baby shark `16ccr

  8. notredameforlife

    anyone have baby shark `16ccr

    I got a funny sequence of Nelly I am number 1 to let my neighbors know who has the best lights but it wont let me add it here.
  9. notredameforlife

    anyone have baby shark `16ccr

    Anyone have babyshark 16ccr sequence, thanks all I got some I can add here.
  10. notredameforlife

    my preview doesnt work now.

    I am unable to see any of my sequences now with the preview I always used. I had always used the preview but for some reason just today it showed me the channel conflicts and I fixed them so I don't have any issues. I clicked control lights off, then on and it still says same thing unable to start playback
  11. notredameforlife

    my preview doesnt work now.

    any suggestions matt. I have limited time off work and I am falling behind my christmas decorations thanks
  12. notredameforlife

    my preview doesnt work now.

    It has green check for channel warnings, green check for other warnings. All it says is unable to start playback. I have playback highlighted. I have the right preview
  13. notredameforlife

    my preview doesnt work now.

    Question. I have programmed almost all of my songs and I accidentally had 88 pixels being carried over to next sequence for quite some time. This whole time in S5 it allowed me to preview my songs and showed no error. Just now it showed the error and I corrected my preview and sequence and I have no error but it doesn't allow me to preview my sequences anymore. GRRR what could it be., thanks all. I have the right preview selected with no errors or channel conflicts yet when I try to preview the song it says unable to start playback. I have closed lightorama out and still nothing.
  14. notredameforlife

    superstar issue

    awwww nevermind newbie issue, I never added the scene I just added something and closed out superstar thinking it would transfer, thanks I love this new update on S5