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  1. notredameforlife

    Tom Hanks "Polar Express" singing Christmas trees

    I would like a copy to please
  2. notredameforlife

    HELP please, will pay

    Wow I am a complete tool. My holidaycoro boxes are one plug and I didn't see the other lightorama power cord lol. Thanks everyone . Did everyone else have this many issues starting out lol. This is my second year and I believe I did to much to fast. 3 holidaycoro boxes, one lightorama box. sighs. thanks again
  3. notredameforlife

    HELP please, will pay

    Yes, I did that and it worked for one day and now they don't work. lol,
  4. notredameforlife


    I got my hdpe pipes from my arches last year from McMaster carr but they don't have any this year. what websites can I get this from.
  5. notredameforlife

    HELP please, will pay

    I want to use my lightorama box to control my c9, icicle lights, leds , The reason I believe I cant control my lightorama box is because when I am programming the songs I am using the lights set up wrong on sequence editor. I can connect my box with com 4 but I don't know what to put for unit id or circuit id.
  6. notredameforlife

    HELP please, will pay

    I understand how to do that in sequence editor and add new device, in the last picture I uploaded the top picture, I am confused on what do I put for unit id and circuit id, since the com is 4 is the unit id 4. circuit id would be 4-1 4-2, all the way through 4-16?
  7. notredameforlife

    HELP please, will pay

    I meant I have a 16 output lightorama box for my dumb lights, thanks all
  8. notredameforlife

    HELP please, will pay

    Thanks, I was really having a nervous breakdown. lol I finally figured how to control my holidaycoro boxes woohooo, . The only thing I am confused is my lightorama box. I am using com4 as my network. on sequence editor what do I put in here so my computer can communicate with my box. I understand with holidaycoro boxes you use the universes and then put the boxes i.p address related to the universes. I am confused on using lightorama. I have a 16 output holidaycoro box for my dumb lights but how do I program circuits 1 through 11 on sequence editor. Thanks a lot everyone
  9. notredameforlife

    HELP please, will pay

    Thanks dennis, yes sir I got both boxes working, now I have my 16ccr tree, my arches and just got to program my house to match these. I ordered a prebuild box from lightorama and plan on putting the ribbons on my roof to brighten up the neighborhood. I planed on using my lightorama boxes to use my old Christmas lights and put them all over the ground and have the dumb lights communicate with the new lights but if I cant get the lightorama box to work I will just have all the lights stay on, I can get my lightorma box to work on hardware utility but when I try to play my songs using lightorama boxes it wont work with the holidaycoro boxes. it works by itself but wont work with holiday coro. I thought you can have a Ethernet plugged into router to control holiday coro boxes and have a hdmi plugged to sr485 that goes to holidaycoro boxes at same time. Thanks again, I live in Louisiana and a friends house burned down without insurance. for the past 3 months I been working a full time job at oil refinery and after work I been going 3 to 4 hours a day helping rebuild his house so this is why I am behind on my lights. thanksssss allllll
  10. notredameforlife

    HELP please, will pay

    woohoooo thanks a lot, I got one box to work so far but for some reason only one light string is working out of 16, when I tested the box all of the lights work. the other box isn't working still but will troubleshoot more.
  11. notredameforlife

    HELP please, will pay

    No this is what I am missing, I remember seeing a link on how to do this
  12. notredameforlife

    HELP please, will pay

    yes I tested both controllers in test mode and they worked.
  13. notredameforlife

    HELP please, will pay

    I have the holiday coro boxes that's pre built. One is 16ccr tree , other box is just 4 outputs for the arches,
  14. notredameforlife

    HELP please, will pay

    I eliminated the router and tried both boxes separately and neither worked, the box at bottom right was red. I believe my ip addresses and universes are correct. I saved my sequences that I had from last year on a flash drive. I got a new computer because my last computer crashed so that's the only thing I got different.
  15. notredameforlife

    HELP please, will pay

    for my lightorama box it is comm 4, I am trying to get my holiday coro boxes to work and they wont light up. I plugged a Ethernet cord straight into wired routher, boxes plug into router