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  1. hmmm I am not a chick so definitely not a princess .I listen to older country music but that song isn't all that..... Just saying. Okay so far I haven't got any help from anyone lol.
  2. What songs is everyone programming to play in there display this year? I need help lol. I usually play grinch, frozen let it go, carol of bells, and a tso song. I also got a funny nelly I am number one song to mess with my neighbor. I would like old towne road but i dont see anyone doing it yet. Thanks for suggestions
  3. Anyone have TSO- Mad russian christmas 16ccr or I will take whatever they have. Thanks i usually get a 16ccr and sequence my house to it. Thanks alot. I got a couple songs sequenced I can send.
  4. Thanks , I guess I should of mentioned I used s5 last year. Thanks everyone I addied motion effect row and Then I was able to modify the song. What does the chainlink fence symbol mean? I was able to add motion row under it and it played but I am unable to delete the chainlink fence part. I guess its okay to leave that in there. thanks again.
  5. I had a issue where my song played under preview but like yours it wouldn't play in show builder. I copied all of my songs into a new folder so I would have all of my songs I was using for my display in one file. I didn't know you had to copy all files in order for the file to work in show builder. There is 4 to 5 files for each sequence that you have to copy in the same folder if your moving your sequences into a different folder.
  6. I created a new preview for my display. I went to last years song . I clicked add new view and clicked all my items under preview props. When I open the song it plays but I am unable to edit the song. For the new items I added this year it looks like a chain link fence . Everything is correct on my preview . Thanks for help. I am using RGB smart lights if that matters
  7. I have seen some in industry use P7 and P10 panels but mainly with another software, can S5 be used for sequencing on P7 and P10 panels?
  8. Can I get this also please, neighborhood kids asking for it thanks, camaro01octane@gmail.com
  9. can I get a copy camaro01octane@gmail.com please and thanks
  10. Nope whats weird in control panel log it didn't have any error or issue, my song audio was playing but lights wasn't working since I was missing some files.
  11. Anyone have a 16ccr of jingle bells batman smells, the neighborhood kids are asking for it, if not jingle bells will have to do, thanks a ton,
  12. I feel like a idiot, I made a folder of all my new songs I am using for my show, I was just copy and pasting the play.lms file and this is why I couldn't play the songs. Long story short I didn't realize you had to copy all files to my document under lightorama.
  13. Hmmm I live in new orleans, Free mardi gras beads galore to person who can help lol, also got frozen crawfish patties, best thing in world when you fry them
  14. I will try again, but the past two days I tried all three. I erased the schedule I had and tried the scheduler and it didn't work. I have no idea whats going on I never had any issues using SSB the last couple years.
  15. Now appreciate everyones help but any idea of what can be going wrong. Yesterday I had to play one song on sequence editor and loop it and every once in a while change the song. It would be nice to use simple show builder or the hub. thanks.
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