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  1. JR - Totally missed this thread. I will try to make your next one. Can you send me the files to catch up? RouthHurwitz@gmail.com THX
  2. James - might I request a copy as well? THX RouthHurwitz@gmail.com
  3. JR can you send this one my way too? THX RouthHurwitz@gmail.com
  4. Helps if I add the email. Long night. Routhhurwitz@gmail.com THX James
  5. Thank you. Being new to the area last year you helped me get a few things straight and I do need to see if I can pick your brain on a few things for this year. You sent me your number last year so I will text you and see if we can connect. Thx again for the help
  6. Yep Alabaster isn’t that far especially since i live at the ice rink in Pelham with my son for hockey. Sorry about the lack of email. . Try this one Routhhurwitz@gmail.com. Thx again.
  7. Back on and was talking about this last night. Might I bother you for a copy. THX
  8. dibblejr Hello and Happy Holidays. We just moved to BHAM from OHIO in August and I have been working on my system. I added a Singing tree this year and in order to keep it simple I only want him to emcee the show. I downloaded all the PAPA software from ITSMEBOB and I am running into an issue. Everything is good up until I paste into LOR. PAPA is set to 25Frames per Sec, I export and open in PAPA to LOR, I have a timing grid in LOR at .04 to match the timing, but for some reason the paste does not line up with the audio and I end up pasting in the middle of the song due to a negative centesecond error. All the videos and forums I have read this should just work, but I am missing something and I hope you can help. I know its the middle of the busy season, but I am so close and sure it is an oversight on my part. Thanks for any guidance. P.S. If you would, PM me your address as we would love to swing by and see your show.
  9. Might I bother you for this one too? Thank you. Routhhurwitz@gmail.com
  10. Can I get a copy please? RouthHurwitz@gmail.com
  11. Can I get a copy please? THX Assuming your faces are not in the file for your MEGA tree on the other post? Routhhurwitz@gmail.com
  12. Would Love a copy as well. THX RouthHurwitz@gmail.com
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