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  1. New addition for this year. whole show is 30 minutes long !!! Come visit us at lightsofmodesto.com =0
  2. You want them like this =0 Attached files
  3. One suggestion, trash that board. Dont take a chance. Maybe dan will be so kind to help him out with a replacement =-0
  4. Took some new photos tonight =0 Enjoy www.lightsofmodesto.com Attached files
  5. Everything is hand made =0
  6. Yes we are in modesto ca. www.lightsofmodesto.com Is our main website You can also find us on here also http://www.lightsofthevalley.com/Properties/Detail.asp?i=501
  7. We just had a 3 year old give us a thumbs up as she left! What do you guys think =0 www.lightsofmodesto.com
  8. hehe yeah that would be a problem =0
  9. Use ustream.tv Ustream lets you select the video input from just about anything.
  10. New addition for this year. 5 computer controlled jets with rgb water rings First test looks good. Have to come by to see more =0 www.lightsofmodesto.com
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