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  1. Trying to open sequence created in xlight in LOR. Converted sequence from xlights to LOR with no problems but when I try to open convert file in LOR I get the EOFexception error. I've seen before but can't remember how I fix. I don't have my computer connected to any dongles or controller when I tried to open.
  2. Ok found the problem, If you have the same effects here a good spot to start. I have 7 controllers, all purchased of the last 8 years. I went and updated the fireware on the struck controllers and all is working again. updated from 4.05 to 4.30 and that seemed to fix, Thanks to everyone who watch the forums and take the time to help others.
  3. well tried you idea and still nothing. It 's like as soon as it recieved a signal to light on it stays on till end of song. Then will power off as it should at end. Once in a while it will turn off a few channels but again aas soon as it recieve an on command it stuck for a while. Driving me crazy.
  4. tried unplugging and replug but no help Once the sequence starts all 16 channels are stuck on dim. Once in a one or two will freak and go off and but to dimm. Had the same set p for a few years and never had this problem. ANY IDEAS.
  5. I also see that the bottom right corner has a red light which I think is a comm port problem. checked network prefreence and it looks like the right port is used, also looked at device manager on it showed same USB/port.
  6. I noticed that when I go into and check controll lights that when I return it is always uncheck. something must be turning off automaticly. any ideas?
  7. Lights work fine in hardware utility. When I try to play in squence I get nothing. Ichecked to see if controll lights was checked and it was. No DMX on system. Been a year just need some refresher check list.
  8. It's been a year and I'm sure I'm missing some small point. Hardware utility finds all lights fine. I can see each controller and play with settings When I go to Squencer and try and play I get nothing. I checked and controll lights is checked and network preference looks OK. No DMX on system. Can someone give me a quick 3 or 4 check list. Been a year and I'm sure it something simple.
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