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  1. Mega Arch, Can I please get a copy? mendozam015@yahoo.com Thank you!
  2. JR, Could I please get a copy of "How Far I'll Go" and "You're Welcome"? Thank you so much! mendozam015@yahoo.com
  3. Can I please get a copy? mendozam015@yahoo.com Thanks
  4. Okay guys! Figured out what the problem was! Turns out there was a little solder running between two spots on the U2 socket! A very little bridge. My dad found it with a multimeter. Got a magnifying glass and there it was! Could barely be seen and I have 20/20 lol. I have a link with a picture of where it was. Sorry for bad picture. http://tinypic.com/r/acz7lw/6 Who would have thought of that! I even checked it three times and never saw it! Well thanks to everyone who went ahead and tried helping a newbie with his controller. I appreciate it you guys! Martin
  5. The LED Blinks when I put power to it. Then goes steady on when I'm doing the auto configure when it searches COM 5. I refreshed and still says Found 0 Units. Still nothing...
  6. Here is a link to see what I see on my HU http://tinypic.com/r/m34lv/6
  7. I don't see the add new controller. How do I attach a picture on here to show what I see?
  8. The new controller wont even show up on the hardware utility so I cannot change Unit ID. I connected the new controller only to the USB485 and it searches and says "unable to locate the light o rama port". It was a DIY kit could that be the problem? The led light on it does the exact same thing the working (my first controller) does...
  9. So I connected my first controller and everything works great. I hooked up my second controller to the utility and it cannot find it. I have a USB485 adapter. I hooked the second controller through the adapter, nothing. I daisy chained them, and it can only find the first one. I need help Thank you
  10. I am using the 3 wire input cords from LOR. I am confused as to which color goes where. Black goes to hot input, white goes to neutrals, and the green? Also how would the output wires go on?
  11. Wow thanks a lot guys! Almost time to test the controller! Where do I ground the input wires to test it? I do not have an enclosure or strain relief.
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