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  1. mendo15

    Pixel tree from strips?

    Same here.
  2. mendo15

    Looking for Chrstmas This Year by Toby Mac

    Mega Arch, Can I please get a copy? mendozam015@yahoo.com Thank you!
  3. mendo15

    Now Accepting FREE Singing Face Seq Request

    JR, Could I please get a copy of "How Far I'll Go" and "You're Welcome"? Thank you so much! mendozam015@yahoo.com
  4. mendo15

    Now Sharing ~ Despecito for singing faces

    Can I please get a copy? mendozam015@yahoo.com Thanks
  5. mendo15

    Please Vote

    Voted. Good luck!
  6. mendo15

    Parker's Christmas Light Show

    Love the mega tree!! Nice job!
  7. Okay guys! Figured out what the problem was! Turns out there was a little solder running between two spots on the U2 socket! A very little bridge. My dad found it with a multimeter. Got a magnifying glass and there it was! Could barely be seen and I have 20/20 lol. I have a link with a picture of where it was. Sorry for bad picture. http://tinypic.com/r/acz7lw/6 Who would have thought of that! I even checked it three times and never saw it! Well thanks to everyone who went ahead and tried helping a newbie with his controller. I appreciate it you guys! Martin
  8. The LED Blinks when I put power to it. Then goes steady on when I'm doing the auto configure when it searches COM 5. I refreshed and still says Found 0 Units. Still nothing...
  9. Here is a link to see what I see on my HU http://tinypic.com/r/m34lv/6
  10. I don't see the add new controller. How do I attach a picture on here to show what I see?
  11. The new controller wont even show up on the hardware utility so I cannot change Unit ID. I connected the new controller only to the USB485 and it searches and says "unable to locate the light o rama port". It was a DIY kit could that be the problem? The led light on it does the exact same thing the working (my first controller) does...
  12. So I connected my first controller and everything works great. I hooked up my second controller to the utility and it cannot find it. I have a USB485 adapter. I hooked the second controller through the adapter, nothing. I daisy chained them, and it can only find the first one. I need help Thank you
  13. mendo15

    Need help U1 Socket

    Got it guys!
  14. mendo15

    Need help U1 Socket

    I am using the 3 wire input cords from LOR. I am confused as to which color goes where. Black goes to hot input, white goes to neutrals, and the green? Also how would the output wires go on?
  15. mendo15

    Need help U1 Socket

    Wow thanks a lot guys! Almost time to test the controller! Where do I ground the input wires to test it? I do not have an enclosure or strain relief.