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  1. Thanks. I have ordered a couple from digikey. I tested with multi before removing and confirmed it has ac. No fan in this model, I think the 12V ones have them. I confirmed with a small 5V supply I have that the pixie8 seems to be okay. Hopefully the replacement arrives on Wednesday and opened a support ticket as well.
  2. My power supply died. Is there anything I can check? No visible signs and it was working fine driving my pixie 8.
  3. I have red hash marks across 4 similar props that will not clear out. I believe they are causing an error. Everytime I try to load the sequence it gives an error.
  4. I have a shutdown animation sequence that is 10 secs where everything is off. I basically created a new animation, did not turn any lights on in the sequence. Even with this, lights on the old 16 channel controllers are not turning off all the way. Fortunately, I do not have many lights on these anymore as I have been transitioning to dumb RGB strings. There was nothing I could find on the PC that was indicating that anything was running other than the schedule. I really think this has to be a bug with older controllers and the S5 software.
  5. I have tried the last two nights to run my show from 5pm to 11pm. After 11pm I have gone out to check and there are still some lights on. The lights that are on are coming from the 16 channel controllers that do not work with enhanced network. To turn the lights off, I just shut down the scheduler. What should I be checking before I do that? Ross
  6. Last night I tried to run both musical and animation sequences in the same show. I thought it would play the animation sequences, then the musical ones, and then start over. Instead it seemed to play both musical and animation sequences at the same time. Not 100% sure what happened but the PC was playing the music and the lights were not doing the right thing. I immediately shut down the show, edited and removed the musical sequence and enabled schedule and all was ok. My question is can you mix animation and music sequences in a show or must they be in separate schedules/shows. Thanks, Ross
  7. I have had the same issue the last 2 nights (first nights I have been running a show). My show currently is all animation, no music sequences. At the end of the show (11pm), I have noticed lights from an older 16 channel controller are still on, but not at full intensity. I run 4 networks as enhanced and 1 as regular for the older controllers and devices that do not support enhanced. I have to disable the schedule to get the lights to turn off. Let me know what additional info I can provide.
  8. Well I feel like a dummy. Turns out my timeline was 10 hours, not 10 mins. No wonder it ran out of memory. From a user experience (part of my real job as a product owner for complex web applications), I would recommend that from a usability experience, that the set timeline form be enhanced to make it very clear when making an animation sequence where the user sets the times.
  9. I will need to experiment with that process. That was NOT what I was doing. Thanks, Ross
  10. So I am really confused Brian. I am on my sequencing computer (not controlling the lights). I use SS to sequence my traditional lights that are on an enhanced network. Everything plays fine on the sequencing computer. Now I go to my show computer to test the sequence and it will not run without me removing "motion effects". Well, I did not use motion effects. I used SS. Why will this not work? How do I get my traditional lights working with SS? Very frustrated.
  11. After letting it run for 20 mins I get a “System.OutofMemoryException” error.
  12. Have a 10min animation sequence that will not preview. The spinning circle of circles just keeps spinning. Each motion effect is 1 min and I can select a few cells of each motion effect and see them in the preview, but I cannot run the sequence. I am on a decent PC with 12G of memory, high end Nvidia graphics card and i7 processor.
  13. I have two 16 channel ctrls that will not run Enhanced network. I also have some older flood units. The 2 ctrls and the 2 flood units are running on a regular 57k network, not enhanced. Can I use these with SuperStar? I have tried a motion effect and that will not work without network being advanced.
  14. Well I replaced the cable. Tested the unit with HU and it seems to work fine. Put in in the network and the HU cannot see it. The HU cannot see another of the units as well, but that unit works fine in my test sequence. I am totally baffled at this point. If I connect the unit, it does random flashes. This is with no sequences running at all. the unit seems to pass network activity fine.
  15. I ended up renaming the older directory so the links no longer work. At least that will keep me from opening the wrong file. This happened after I changed my LOR default location. The files where all copied but the recent sequences still pointed to the old files.
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