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  1. Turned out to be a faulty Ethernet cord between controller 1 & 2 - I love easy fixes!
  2. I added 3 new controllers this year - I thought I set the Unit Numbers right... i just plugged the ethernet cord into the middle input on the board and then plugged it into the usb adapter and then went to hardware utility and changed the unit number and it said it was set. I then daisy chained the controllers - but only the first controller is working. Any ideas or suggestions are much appreciated - I have the family over for dinner and they all want to see the lights. Thank you !
  3. I woke up on thanksgiving to one of the parades on TV with a 60 something-ish Mr. and Mrs. Santa claus doing the gangham style dance with a storm trooper, indiana jones and psy.... go figure. To me Christmas is just supposed to be fun... this year I wanted to build an alien santa claus with a red space ship powered by 8 robot reindeer... but my mother in law is very religious and would probably destroy it while i sleep.... not to mention its already the 5th and im still running wire trying to get the display working...
  4. So this year I ran short on wire (again) and our home depot only has spools SPT-2 wire and all the plugs I have are SPT-1....
  5. LOR is sending a new controller from NY to CA 2 day air to replace the broken one and that's why I'm a LOR'er..... Thanks Dan!!
  6. Thanks guys - I first filed a ticket with LOR, but I was hoping it would be something I could have got fixed so I don't need to hassle them or wait for returns and what not...
  7. Thanks guys - I first filed a ticket with LOR, but I was hoping it would be something I could have got fixed so I don't need to hassle them or wait for returns and what not...
  8. I just made it home from my trip out of town for work and ready to set up the new controllers I ordered - but one of them came damaged. It doesn't look too significant - but I wanted to ask the LOR community if this is something that could be easily fixed by a computer specialist (it looks like only the solder broke) - but I really don't know and having to deal with return is something I really dont want to deal with this late in the season... I attached some pictures and would really appreciate someone's input who knows more than I do pertaining the board's circuitry. Thank you, SR
  9. Well I haven't hung any lights yet & I have 2 open channels on all my sequences. Basically what I need is a sort of reverse power strip where a single strand of lights could be powered at different times by 2 separate power sources (channels). Any electricians know if this is possible? (Worst case scenario I just add more lights and run them separate but it just seems inefficient). I would love to go all RGB - but that's something that will take years to change over to due to budget...
  10. So here is my scenario, I have palm trees in my front yard - with red green white strands on the base and frawns. I have 2 extra channels im not using and a lot of yellow lights that i have no other use for - so id like to be able to use the yellow for the base of the palms and use the green lights that are attached to the frawns so they serve 2 purposes (they can be green base / green frawn, or yellow base / green frawn). Right now the each palm tree is on one channel - my question is - is there some sort of power splitter that I can use that would allow me to use the lights on the frawns to be connected to both the green strand and yellow strand but powered seperatly? So that I can switch between the colors but use the same strand of lights for the frawn, instead of having to add more lights to an already weighted down tree? And I dont have time to build a relay... any suggestions / ideas?
  11. At those prices Grump - I probably would have done the same. I will keep my eyes open for pre-season prices - but for what I needed this year - and how i only need about 25 strands, it simply wasnt justifiable to spend the money they wanted. Maybe next year. Ive always wanted to do a "Griswald" style display - which would be perfect for a spool or 2 of c9. Just not this year - not to mention Ive already added 10,000 more lights since last year. Happy Holidays
  12. I just went with the pre-mades. I cant justify spending 3.5x more just so that there isnt a bit of extra on the ends of the lengths. I figure ill just spray paint the bulbs i don't want seen. It may look a little ghetto - but it will save about $1000. Which would be far better spent on other things...
  13. I ordered a few controllers last Friday - but haven't received a email back - is there anyway to confirm an order to make sure my items are in stock etc. ?
  14. So I have some odd lengths I need at the new house - and was thinking of buying the 1000' spool - but the price seems to be unjustifiable. $320 for 1000' feet - but C9 single bulbs cost $1.60-2.00 each. I can buy a 17 foot C9 strand for $15 - for that same length it would cost me $54 to build... am I missing something? Why are the bulbs so expensive? This would be a great solution for my odd sized windows and panels - but I might as well buy pre-made strands and just have a bit of extra length at the ends...
  15. Wow - Im not sure how I missed it! Thanks.
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