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    RGB got a hold on me and what a learning curve. Thanks for everyone's help so far and in the future.
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  1. Now Sharing ~ Despecito for singing faces

    Yo, JR can I get a copy also? Hope to meet you in TN. roverdish@aol.com Chip
  2. Tennessee Mini 2018

    Darn, I would really like to come this year. Not just for the learning but for meeting you guys face to face. I'm in Daytona Beach so we'll see.
  3. Did you guys see this?

    anyone sharing that sequence?
  4. Random channels staying on

    I agree, symptom makes no sense so it must me FM. ( some kinda magic) Thanks to the ducks for pointing out the impossible. I just know that my problem with the same lights from different controllers coming on without commands was resolved after hours of looking at sequence editor commands and html files without success. Then I finally started eliminating cat5 cables as possible culprits as per Mega Archs' suggestion. It was not the cable I suspected, it was a new factory made cable between the last 2 controllers in the chain. I found that the replacement of that one cat5 cables in the daisy chain seemed to cure the problems that were affecting the other controllers up the chain. If this solution or problem was "impossible" perhaps the ducks can offer an explanation and a "possible" alternate cure along with the criticism and h words. If the bad cable would like to be examined by the ducks I can pack it up and send it up . 96ac channels 4500 rgb
  5. Random channels staying on

    Solution found. It was indeed a bad cat5 cable. I knew something was weird because it was channel 8 on 5 different controllers misbehaving. Thanks Mega Arch.
  6. Random channels staying on

    I am having similar issues. All cat 5 cables and connections seem good.
  7. I have lights coming on that should not also. I will be watching this thread and inform of any progress I may have.
  8. Boots by The Killers (Christmas)

    Thanks JR. Let me know if I can be of any further assistance.
  9. Imagine Dragons - Thunder

    sent 6
  10. Imagine Dragons - Believer

    sent 2
  11. Imagine Dragons - Thunder

    sent 2