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    RGB got a hold on me and what a learning curve. Thanks for everyone's help so far and in the future.
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  1. No motivation yet - help!

    Lightswithsoul Do you have any videos of your work? It sounds inspiring. I too spend many hours sequencing but you sound much more musically talented than me. I would love to see how yours looks.
  2. No motivation yet - help!

    You got that right. I found that by creating different timing grids and placing them into the sequence before sequencing makes the sequencing go much faster.
  3. No motivation yet - help!

    Excellent synopsis and methodology guys. Glad to see someone showing the best way to innovate and create / copy paste your own sequences. Hats off.
  4. Snowman Mix

    Research concluded this sequence was originally created by Bill Messick on 08/07/2011 into 180 regular ac channels. No RGB back then. Bill if you're out there thanks for an outstanding music mix and cool lyrics. Show us more of your work please.
  5. Song Of The Caged Bird by Lindsey Stirling

    sent 5 I guess this is ready for sharing now.
  6. Snowman Mix

    sent 5
  7. Snowman Mix

    My goal is to be done by Christmas cause it seems with this hobby (obsession) that it is never done. For me anyway.
  8. Snowman Mix

    sent 1 more
  9. Snowman Mix

    sent 2
  10. Controllers for sale

    Do yu have any g3 controllers in metal box with led readout? roverdish@aol.com
  11. No motivation yet - help!

    75Redman I would love a copy of the uptown sequence on your youtube channel if sharing. Thanks roverdish@aol.com
  12. Now Sharing - Zoot Suit Riot Pixel

    I would like a copy if still sharing. roverdish@aol.com Thanks
  13. Snowman Mix

    sent 5
  14. Snowman Mix

    I don't know who shared this with me years ago. I took it and tweaked it and added the lyrics cause I think they're funny. Ready to share. In case you're interested 112 reg channels and around 6000+ rgb channels. https://youtu.be/x4xpwMVMtqY
  15. Somebody help me improve this sequence. Obviously needs a ton of work before it's ready for sharing. Did I miss some notes or what? The arches and red and blue mini trees will be on the right hand side of the house. I only have them in the front for seeing them in the visualization. This is a copy of my visualization. Help someone teach me how to sequence.