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    RGB got a hold on me and what a learning curve. Thanks for everyone's help so far and in the future.
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  1. Imagine Dragons - Believer

    found rzrbak32's email in a different post and sent one there also
  2. Imagine Dragons - Believer

    sent one to eventhorizon rob. In answer to rzrbak32's question. No and yes. No I do not have a video of my setup but yes you can see this sequence in action by using the files I included along with the sequence file. 1. Open the visualizer file I included using your visualizer. 2. Open the sequence file (.lms) 3. Attach proper mp3 file to the sequence. 4. Play sequence my setup will play in your visualizer. I also included a picture (jpeg image) of my house if you want to set it as the background photo in your visualizer you will see it play on and around my house as I have envisioned for this season. Lastly there is also a word file included with notes related to this sequence and it's sequencing.
  3. Willing to pay for sequence

    If you want to send me a channel config and a .lee file along with the music I will see what I can do for you. roverdish@aol.com
  4. Imagine Dragons - Believer

  5. Imagine Dragons - Thunder

    sent two. Sorry the only singing faces here are my wife's and son's.
  6. Imagine Dragons - Thunder

  7. Imagine Dragons - Believer