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    RGB got a hold on me and what a learning curve. Thanks for everyone's help so far and in the future.
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  1. Imagine Dragons - Thunder

    sent 2
  2. Thanks George. I actually create all my timings within audacity. I think the timing lag is a result of my manual creations. The beat wizard doesn't always work for the various tracks I create. I may have percussion or drums on one track, guitar on another, lyrics on another and perhaps cymbals or finger snaps on another. I also create another track for what I call SS timings where I designate colors and color change points for my sequences at approximately 5 to 8 seconds apart. I have seen your work and it looks great. I very much appreciate and respect your input .
  3. Oldest Sequencer Here?

    So happy to see some fresh blood and a younger soul on here sequencing. Gives me hope for the future. You're absolutely true about the visual rewards of light sequencing.
  4. Lets see if I can explain this correctly. I have created 5 or 6 different freeform timing grids using John Storms (audacity, excel and notepad) tutorial (http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/35434-getting-timings-fast-and-easy/#comment-326420which ) which are then used to create my sequences. I also have created multiple tracks in my channel configuration so I can more easily sequence my colors. After creation of the sequence my timing is slightly off. It seems when skewing my sequence by the proper amount (earlier by 0.15), I must do it on track one (master) within a fixed timing grid. Skewing any other track besides the master only skews the channels within that track. The fixed timing grid is needed because if one of my created freeform timing grids (if present) it is also affected by the skewing. But the other self created freeform grids have not been skewed Skewing the freeform grid is actually okay as well but.........does anyone know how can I skew ALL of my freeform grids within the sequence editor so the timings are properly there on all of the grids for any future edits to the sequence? Or is that a stupid question? SNAFU
  5. Imagine Dragons - Thunder

    sent to JR
  6. Imagine Dragons - Thunder

    JR I enjoy sharing my work, and I have lots of it...........but it seems every time I see a sequence request someone else already has a sequence created for that particular request and has responded quicker than I. So in order to not seem as though I am stealing the thread I do not share my work within that thread.
  7. Imagine Dragons - Thunder

    All sent except I do not have the email for JR.
  8. Imagine Dragons - Thunder

    Could be good for Halloween. I am unconventional so it will be used for Christmas at my place. Total 4632 channels. 8 different tracks. 6 different timing grids. Also working on "Believer" by the same band. Sequenced for a 16 strand pixel tree, an 11 strand pixel curtain, a pixel roof line and 96 standard ac channels which includes a 32 strand mega tree. Please send me your email for the link if you wish.
  9. Oldest Sequencer Here?

    I feel like in order to get the younger folks into sequencing they need a phone app to do the sequencing with. My 22 year old son almost always has his face in the phone and even though he is musically talented (piano and guitar) I cannot get him interested in helping me with the sequencing. His main interest is the **** phone. Any younger sequencers want to chine in? Is anybody under 30 creating their own sequences? I would love to see some.
  10. Audacity will allow you to adjust the audio to better fit your sequence
  11. Oldest Sequencer Here?

    67 and it seems my best years are the ones I can't remember. I've seen photos that would suggest that may be true..
  12. Oldest Sequencer Here?

    yea I'm 67 but feels like 420 sometimes also if I'm lucky.
  13. Does anyone have "mele kalikimaka" sequence?

    yo Sarge If you're still sharing pretty please. Chip roverdish@aol.com
  14. Shake up Christmas By Train

    James I would like to see your version Thanks Chip roverdish@aol.com