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  1. Hello everyone, If you live in Southern California there has been a new Facebook group started, follow the link below to join We looking at having a mini soon and want everyone no matter what sequencer is used to be a part of this group Let's talk, share and get together, come on over and let's talk about our So Cal displays! https://www.facebook.com/groups/socalchristmas/?ref=br_rs
  2. godman

    Pixel Tree sequences

    I would love the sequences as well if you're still sharing, mrgbecker@gmail.com
  3. godman

    Southern California Lighting Group

    Here is the Facebook post for the So Cal Meet up, For those who dont have FB here are the details Where: Monster Energy Headquarters 1 Monster way, Corona, CA 92879 When: September 8th Time 5:00 pm -7pm Agenda Coming Soon. Facebook Events page https://www.facebook.com/events/1923513361021466/?notif_t=plan_user_invited&notif_id=1532654161363646
  4. godman

    Christmas Expo Shirts

    There is still time to get your "Custom Christmas Expo Shirt" as many have already done! Show off your Display Name and the "Official" 2018 Christmas Expo logo on the back. We also have the Official Christmas Lights Expo Shirt here@ https://www.cooltees.us/products/2018-christmas-expo. Don't wait time is running out to get it to you in time for the Expo! FREE SHIPPING! Custom "Light O Rama" Shirt https://www.cooltees.us/products/2018-christmas-expo Official Christmas Expo Shirt https://www.cooltees.us/products/2018-christmas-expo
  5. I'd love a copy if you're still sharing, mrgbecker@gmail.com
  6. Hello fellow Lighting Enthusiasts? Headed to the Christmas Expo In Texas? If so, show off your display and the LOR Software with the officially licensed Christmas Expo Shirt, we can customize the shirt with (see website for options), you can add your display name and customize it in your own color or font. If you have any questions or want to add your own logo to the shirt just let us know. Only $24.99 shipped to your door! Don't wait these will go fast and the expo is only a month away! Multiple colors of shirts to choose from https://www.cooltees.us/products/christmas-expo-shirt-lor
  7. godman

    Light-O-Rama Shirts

    Get your Light-O Rama Shirt now! https://cooltees.us/collections/light-o-rama-apparel *Used with Permission* Multiple Colors to choose From!
  8. https://cooltees.us/products/https-www-cooltees-us-discount-black2017
  9. godman

    So Cal Mini Get together

    Were having a so Cal get together on Saturday March 5th in Corona, Its open to anyone who wants to come, listen share or to get new ideas, We'll have Steve Giron representing Xlights, we'll also have LOR equipment/discussion and several types of Controllers, Falcon F16v2, Advatek (Pixlite 16), LOR Pixcon and so on, pixels, strips, animated props as well. Whether your interested in learning, sharing or just getting together to discuss this crazy obsession we have for lighting, please RSVP. We limiting the attendance to 20 people. You can check out the Facebook page Event for more info or just let me know on this post if you want to attend https://www.facebook.com/events/986315631462721/
  10. godman

    Rock You..Queen.. 4 Singing Faces

    Would love a copy mrgbecker@gmail.com
  11. godman

    Flo Rida Super Star Sequence

    Can I get a copy as well? Thanks! mrgbecker@gmail.com
  12. Anyone have AC DC'sback in black sequence for singing monsters they care to share? mrgbecker@gmail.com
  13. Hello LOR Christmas Enthusiasts! Thanks to LOR for adding me as a vendor. If your looking for some Christmas Themed T- Shirts for your display or just to let others know you are a Lighting Enthusiast, check out our designs, we can even create custom designs for your display including your name light show etc. Sign up for or our promotions on our home page and you will receive a 50% coupon via email. Check us out at https://cooltees.us/collections/christmas If you need something special don't hesitate to ask! We have some exciting new Lighted shirts coming soon!
  14. godman

    New Christmas Designs Available

    Hi JR, Got it and sent back PM Greg
  15. godman

    New Christmas Designs Available

    JR, Please check your email, thanks!
  16. White $9.99 Black $12.99 https://cooltees.us/collections/christmas/products/my-christmas-display-choices-choices-choices
  17. godman

    New Christmas Designs Available

  18. godman

    So Cal Mini Get together

    Hi Jim, we're looking at something in March or April Greg
  19. Does anyone already have the fixtures/props for the holiday Coro Christmas trees and Halloween monsters (all 4). If so; would you be willing to share? I'm so far behind now I'm afraid Ill never get caught up. Thanks in Advance. mrgbecker@gmail.com
  20. I purchased the 4 singing Christmas trees from Holidaycoro.com. They sent me a .JPG of the tree. I added the picture as a background in visualizer, drew in my lights (by channel) and I was able to play the sequence with music just fine. However; I don't know how to export that entire prop (all 8 channels at once) into the visualizer? I have a visualizer already set up for my house so I can see where it would look best?. The best I can do is export each fixture individually by selecting the fixture and going to the properties and choosing export Fixture file (8 separate fixtures) I dotn see a way to export the entire prop? Thoughts?
  21. godman


    Id love a copy as well if your still sharing, mrgbecker@gmail.com
  22. godman

    So Cal Mini Get together

    Hi Jim, nothing planned so far but we did say we would do something in Sept so Ill keep you posted.
  23. godman

    Adding Video Question

    If I have a musical sequence that I want to add video too how do I do that? Can I ADD video to an existing musical Sequence? I know how to edit the media file but I want to keep the music file and add the video, I already converted to WMV and I can play it as a new sequence but adding it to an existing sequence has got me stumped Thanks!
  24. godman

    Newbie Pixel Editor Question

    You don't need to wait for the controller to start sequencing, you can set up the controller at any time. All you need to do is set up the universes you'll be using in SE and start sequencing. If your using E1.31 it's as simple as setting up the info in Network settings