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  1. https://cooltees.us/products/https-www-cooltees-us-discount-black2017
  2. Rock You..Queen.. 4 Singing Faces

    Would love a copy mrgbecker@gmail.com
  3. Flo Rida Super Star Sequence

    Can I get a copy as well? Thanks! mrgbecker@gmail.com
  4. Anyone have AC DC'sback in black sequence for singing monsters they care to share? mrgbecker@gmail.com
  5. New Christmas Designs Available

    Hi JR, Got it and sent back PM Greg
  6. New Christmas Designs Available

    JR, Please check your email, thanks!
  7. White $9.99 Black $12.99 https://cooltees.us/collections/christmas/products/my-christmas-display-choices-choices-choices
  8. New Christmas Designs Available

  9. Hello LOR Christmas Enthusiasts! Thanks to LOR for adding me as a vendor. If your looking for some Christmas Themed T- Shirts for your display or just to let others know you are a Lighting Enthusiast, check out our designs, we can even create custom designs for your display including your name light show etc. Sign up for or our promotions on our home page and you will receive a 50% coupon via email. Check us out at https://cooltees.us/collections/christmas If you need something special don't hesitate to ask! We have some exciting new Lighted shirts coming soon!
  10. So Cal Mini Get together

    Hi Jim, we're looking at something in March or April Greg
  11. Pokemon

    Id love a copy as well if your still sharing, mrgbecker@gmail.com
  12. So Cal Mini Get together

    Hi Jim, nothing planned so far but we did say we would do something in Sept so Ill keep you posted.
  13. Newbie Pixel Editor Question

    You don't need to wait for the controller to start sequencing, you can set up the controller at any time. All you need to do is set up the universes you'll be using in SE and start sequencing. If your using E1.31 it's as simple as setting up the info in Network settings
  14. Can I sequence this?

    How are you going to run the p10 Panels? You can certainly sequence the matrix but I'm pretty sure LOR cant run P10 panels, You need the BBB/Falcon Player/Octoscroller combo