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  1. OK, I am almost panicky here. I have 4 controllers and bought 4 more. One I had to return the motherboard and get a new one before it worked. I tested the RJ45 connections to all 4 of them to make sure they were recognized by the software, and they all worked. What I did not do was test both RJ45 connections. Now I am deploying the whole thing and did one last test on both RJ 45 connections per controller and discovered that 2 controllers have one bad RJ45 jack where the software doesn't recognize it. I have read a lot of postings talking about mixing the phone and cat5 to get around this. I think I can do the following but would feel better if someone can give me a straight answer. This is what I a going to do.. My two controllers that only have one good RJ45 are Controllers 8 & 9. 1. Computer to Controller 1 ==> Cat5 2. Controller 1 to Controller 2 ==> Cat5 3. Controller 2 to Controller 3 ==> Cat5 4. Controller 3 to Controller 4 ==> Cat5 5. Controller 4 to CCR Controler 5 ==> Cat5 6. CCR Controler 5 to Controller 6 ==> Cat5 7. Controller 6 to Controller 7 ==> Cat5 8. Controller 7 to Controller 8 ==> Cat5 from RJ45 on Controller 7 to Phone jack on Controller 8 via phone wire 9. Controller 8 to Controller 9 ==> Cat5 from good RJ45 on Controller 8 to good RJ45 on Controller 9 via Cat5 If that is correct please say so or tell me what it should be. The last thing I want to do is cause something to short or blow up. Some other questions 1. Does the phone cable have to be reversed wire in order for this to work? I have seen several references to this and read some conflicting information. 2. How can I test that the computer can detect all the controllers in the chain? I can do it singlely, but thought there is a way to the whole chain. Is it the same process? Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.. Warren
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