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  1. Please thank your love one for their service. I to am a veteran could you please send me your its Christmas Owl City so I can put it in my display this year which benefits our veterans.Thanks Troy my email is gcampbell1@new.rr.com
  2. I am new to the Pixel RGB. I need help if anyone has a solution it would deeply be appreciated. I have 4 pixel arches connected to a E1.31 Alphapixel controller. It pings out so I know the controller is online. When I do a test mode all the lights come on. The problem I have is when my sequence is in operation only half the pixels come on each of the four reels. Someone indicated that the Lightorama control panel is on and that is why the lights only come half way on. He indicated the reason is the LightORama control panel was on. He told me that I had right click on the system tray and then right click on the light bulb icon and select unload,However when I do that the CL goes off and when I run the sequence none of the RGB lights come on. I must be missing something.
  3. I have a problem I have my Alphapix controller hooked up. I downloaded the Advatek Lights assistant, However wghen I bring it up under the select adapter it does not show my controller at instead it shows It also shows no controller under the model. I can not refresh to my controller. Any suggestions please.
  4. How do I change the select adapter on the Advatek Lights Assistant. It shows a address that is not the
  5. I am downloading Advatek assistant but when it shows the screen under select adapter the IP address is I need 192.168.50. Also it states 0 Devices . How do I change to the correct IP address for my controller?
  6. OK I have Alphapix e1.31 controllers Ethernet connected to my Laptop . The controller has power When I power up the system I did the following steps 1. I type in Network Step 2. I click on View Network connections Step 3. I click on Ethernet Step 4. Under Network Status I click on Properties Step 5.I click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4 Step 6.I click on Properties Step 7. I make sure the I have the Use the following IP address is chosen Step 8. I type the following on the IP address and I have nothing marked for the the subnet mask Step 9.I click OK Step10. I than close the window under E1.31 Network Step 11. I run a ping test on and it is successful. Step12. I bring up the web browser interface I type in Step13,I access Xlights and click on Network setup. Step 14 I have the network type as 131 Port is this listed 3 times. Step15 When I click on Schedule & Test and than click on the icon that lets me pick which which light to turn on. I get no results no lights come on. However if I press the button on the controller all the lights come on. Well that about it I must be missing a step somewhere. I do not have a DMX dongle if that matters, Thank You
  7. Thankyou for responding but I did and the information they gave was broud I tried what they suggested but it seems there is something missing.
  8. I also forgot do I need a LOR dongle?
  9. Please help I am having difficulty in getting my lights to come on. I have a 16CCR pixel tree. It is controlled by e1.31 controller. When I press the button for test mode the lights come on. So it has to be a network issue. I want to run the DMX pixel tree along with my LOR show. I put in the IP address that was recommended which is My controller IP address is When I try using Xlights and use the schedule and test to check the lights nothing comes on , The IP address that is listed on Xlights is the IP address of I noticed if I go to Lor Hardware and bring up the pixel console and try turning on the RGB lights nothing happens.
  10. I have a problem. When setting up my network with e1.31 I can not get the lights to come on. However when testing the lights from the controllers they come on. I programmed the network with the IP address of and with the controllers have a IP address of When I activate Xlights to test the lights the IP address I have inputed is 192.168.50 but the lights do not come on. Does anyone have any suggestions or is there a video that I can see what I am doing wrong. I viewed Holiday Coro video but when following it step by step it is not working.
  11. I have a problem. Is there a good video out that shows you how to set up your network with E1.31 controllers. I tried inputing the correct numbers in my computer such as IP adress, But every time I still do not get the lights to come on. But when I use the test function on the controller they all come on Ugh,,,,
  12. Would I have to get a Ethernet switch for the controllers
  13. But how were do you daisy chain them is there a second cat port to go from one controller to another?
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