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  1. Thank you Jeff M and Jeff F! I hope it brings a few smiles :-)
  2. Thank you Jeff! A special thank you to Chris for helping me complete this. Also a thank you to Robert for his patience during this time. Thank you :-)
  3. And thank you Robert and Chris for all the support!!
  4. LOL I wish I had even more time to do many more songs. Sometimes I do dream about a SuperStar sequence LOL
  5. Hi Septon. Thank you for the compliment. It does take a bit of time to learn SuperStar. But once you understand it, it's great to create awesome effects. It's certainly worth purchasing and learning. Brian offers great support for his software :-)
  6. Hi Jeff. Hmm not tapping out just yet. But work gets in the way haha
  7. Hey thank you Jeff. I wish I had more time to do even more sequences haha
  8. Chris, you did an awesome job on your sequence! You're a true artist buddy!
  9. Hi everyone. Not sure what happened with the audio. It worked for my PC. But not my tablet or phone. I uploaded the video again. Seems to be fine now. Here's the link to the 16 CCR version.... https://mijoangel575.wistia.com/medias/ve5v88ih92
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