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  1. I have an animation sequence that is 5 minutes long but looped from beginning to end 12 times for a total of an hour and placed in the background section of the show that run for that hour. I have two channels that stay on constantly at 30% intensity in this sequence on a CTB16PC Gen 3 controller. Ever so often the lights go off together then come back on together within 3 seconds. I have changed the sequence to small random fades (30% to 28% and back) to try and keep it from happening but it doesnt help. The lights on one channel are led icicle lights and the other is a led spot light. The icicle lights have a snubber in the end of the strand to create some load. Ethernet cable and red dongle have been changed out. Any help would be great.
  2. CTB16PC v1 board is sold Still have the 4 CR150D controllers for sale $110.00 for all 4 shipped
  3. Both ctb16pc g3 controllers are sold
  4. I have two working CTB16PC controllers with G3 boards never been in the weather. They do have two small eye bolts on top of housing for hanging and 1/2 hole on top I used for ethernet cable to pass thru. I am asking $170 each shipped. I have a working CTB16PC V1 board only no housing or cables $70 shipped. Never been in the weather. I have 4 working CR150D original color ribbon controllers with power supplies (no ribbons). They have never been in the weather. I am selling all 4 for $110. The controllers do have adhesive from tape on them that comes off easily. I will ship in the United states only the lower 48 PayPal only https://www.dropbox.com/s/3c95dn12xpf5zfg/imgonline-com-ua-compressed-8z0hc4g0BF (1).jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/cq676f3b6nzvheh/20180726_085839-min.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/n1xizvhhtx22257/20180726_085816-min.jpg?dl=0
  5. I have 6 sets of 50ct 12v dumb nodes that the red in 20 of the nodes have faded or burned out (four hours of service on them). The power supply is set to 11.9v and after power drop its 10.9 at the rgbs. Bad resistors? can i do something to keep from losing more?
  6. I like to keep a stock of fuses for those careless moments I have. I have found the 4 amp fuses but the 0.5 amp fuse I cant find does anyone know?
  7. About forgot a word of warning the acetone vapor in some products like liquid tape will fog the lens if you dont let it completely dry first before putting the lens back on
  8. Most of my strobes the clear lens screwed off but few were sonic welded together so a heat gun was used to make ply able to seperate then glued back. I make sure now they are screw together just in case of this situation
  9. I had some strobes with burn marks that instead of strobing the circuit board would arch. I took liquid electrical tape and covered the board where it would arch and been working ever since
  10. I have a 6 channel led white only star that works for all 20 sequences except one. I am using the same visualizer for all sequences (I made sure of that). I have it sequenced with superstar with just white on only in the sequence but no dice. The only way I can get it to come on is go into sequence editor and sequence that way.
  11. I had my sequences set to bleed over on purpose then I updated to S4 and they all stopped. Is there an easier way than going to each sequence and correcting each smooth sequence?
  12. I have a 12 ccr mega tree beside my house and rgb wreaths and garland on my house. I had it where when the mega tree did a spiral effect or a shock wave then it bleed over to the house which i liked but when i upgraded to s4 it took it away now only shows on my mega tree. I cant even create a smooth effect on the wreaths or garland now . what am i missing?
  13. I buy the plastic tool boxes with locks on wheels ( I can fit 4 controllers in one box neatly) I epoxy power strips inside to plug controllers into and have a 12v source for two 3in fans that circulate air inside. I have another plastic tool box that holds all 12 of my ccr controllers for my mega tree, I divided the controllers into 4s and put into clear small storage boxes then stacked into the tool box. Link to box http://www.homedepot.com/p/Husky-37-in-Mobile-Job-Box-209261/203668066
  14. Thanks so much I was wondering about that I like the effect it has but I was just curious if an option existed, i didn't want to find it 6 months from now after i sequenced everything
  15. I have a 12 ccr Mega tree with a 6 channel star visualized along with 7 dumb rgb wreaths and 4 dumb rgb garland. I have everything spaced out so that everything is grouped the way i want it. When i go to do a shockwave, fan or spiral on the mega tree only it also goes over to the garland and wreaths but i dont have them associated or green lined together or anything am i missing something or is it just the way smooth effects are?
  16. Finally got pics of standing the mega tree and the way i strap my ccrs http://s42.photobucket.com/user/jdean6/story
  17. I have built mine out of 2- 10ft 3" 80 sch conduit pipe with two guide wires up both sides of the pipe. I made a carriage for the star and a 12 hook steel hanger that rides the two guide wires that is attached to a pulley system that is threaded thru the top (pulley) of the pipe and down to the bottom (thru pulley), out a hole and attached to a hand crank winch. I made a hinge plate at the base of the tree so i can raise the tree without any effort by attaching a rope an anchor point and using another hand crank life the tree verticle. Then i just slide the star on the carriage (two pins attach it) and attach the 12 ccrs and crank the star to the top. I will post pics when i put it up. This has worked for me flawless for 5 years
  18. I bought tupperware boxes to house 4 each that are stackable. velcroed them down upright in the boxes then placed them in this box (below link) from home depot. they have never got hot or anything plus it rolls. http://www.homedepot.com/p/Stanley-37-in-Mobile-Job-Box-037025H/202300294
  19. i have tried full on white, fade up and fade down on white but i get the same issue
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