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  1. LKFuchs

    2016 Holiday Show

    Don. The 2016 Disney Village is fantastic. I am I the process of building a Garden RR based on Florida including a Disney theme park area, Is there any chance you will share the video projector file on the castle? Also what is the music and audio tracks that you use? If you will share the info and projector files, my email is lkfuchs0935@yahoo.com
  2. LKFuchs

    CCR 12 days of Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone. Does anyone have a 12 Days of Christmas (12 CCR Tree Sequence) to share? Specifically looking for the image graphics for the 12 items.
  3. LKFuchs

    Sequences for a CCR Tree

    May I have a copy please? LKFuchs@cfl.rr.com
  4. LKFuchs

    CCB Arches-Desperate

    Brian: Problem resolved....user error
  5. LKFuchs

    CCB Arches-Desperate

    Brian: I ran a test on demand show with only the one main sequence that has the two sub sequences inserted into it and neither the CCR or the CCB did anything.
  6. LKFuchs

    CCB Arches-Desperate

    Brian, I believe the answer to your question is yes. I built separate sequences for the CCR's and arches. The CCR sequences built in superstar have been used for several years. The arch CCB superstar sequences were built this year. Both the CCR and CCB superstar were saved and exported then have been inserted into the main LOR sequence. Here is what I have done this morning. Please let me know if this is correct. CCR Sequence (12 ribbons) La CCB Sequence (4 arches controllers 1D-20) the system will not allow me to load the screen shot of the CCB configuration but here are the specs" First unit ID - 1D Standard network = controllers 01-08 Aux A Network = 1D-20
  7. LKFuchs

    CCB Arches-Desperate

    Brian, will this change effect my CCR;s as well. Or, you saying to open the superstar arch sequence and make the change only there?
  8. LKFuchs

    CCB Arches-Desperate

    Brian. Opened the sequence and it does not show what it is supposed to be. It should be unit 1-D and it shows unit 11 which is the controller for the first CCR ribbon.
  9. LKFuchs

    CCB Arches-Desperate

    Both networks are 115K. not using visualazation
  10. Merry Christmas everyone, I am desperate to get 4 CCB arches to work in my sequences. I am running a regular LOR network for 16 channels each (8 controllers numbered 01-08) and an aux A network for a 12 ribbon CCR tree (channels 11-1D). I have the CCB arch controller data cable off the last CCR controller 1D. The CCB controllers are numbered 1D,1E,1F, 20. The LOR hardware utility recognizes all of the controllers and all data controller light glow steady. I cannot get the CCB controllers to perform in any of my sequences. I will also mention that the CCR and CCB sequences are built in Superstar, exported, then inserted into the main sequence as subsequences. The CCR's work perfectly. CCB zip, nada!
  11. LKFuchs


    Does anyone know of a site or have information on building Christmas animation projects? For my 2018 show I would like add two or three boxes that when the lid opens a figure will rise from the box and possibly sing.
  12. LKFuchs

    Hiding CTB16PC control box.

    I know you do not feel like building them but I made cubes built out of 1/2" sche3dule 40 pvc. The top has a pvc cross connecting into pvc "t's around the top sides. The controllers are suspended from the top cross. After everything is wired up I cover the entire cube with a vinyl table cloth (buy the largest ones) from Walmart or Dollar General. I also found ithe internet split pvc that will fit over the 1/2 inch pvc that holds the table cloth onto the cubes. Once the cubes are covered with the table cloths they look like big packages,
  13. LKFuchs

    Need Coro Singing Tree Visualizer File

    jr will you please send me a copy? LKFuchs0935@yahoo.com
  14. LKFuchs

    Singing Christmas trees

    JR Will you please send the 4 singing Christmas Tree prop? Thanks LKFuchs0935@yahoo.com
  15. LKFuchs

    CCB bulb arches

    Jerry, will you please send? LKFuchs0935@yahoo.com Thanks