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  1. Need Coro Singing Tree Visualizer File

    jr will you please send me a copy? LKFuchs0935@yahoo.com
  2. Singing Christmas trees

    JR Will you please send the 4 singing Christmas Tree prop? Thanks LKFuchs0935@yahoo.com
  3. CCB bulb arches

    Jerry, will you please send? LKFuchs0935@yahoo.com Thanks
  4. May I please have a copy? LKFuchs0935@yahoo.com Thank you
  5. this prop and the sample sequence is FANTASTIC! Just out of curiosity I imported one of my audio files "Christmas This Year" by Toby Mac featuring Leigh Nash an sent me over the moon. I am going to spend every waking moment building one of these. Thank you for sharing the information. If you create any more samples will you please share them? LKFuchs0935@yahoo.com
  6. Does anyone have a great resolution video of the Grim Grinning Ghosts and willing to share? I am trying to find a copy that I can use with a projector. I have searched for free youtube converter software and everything I have found comes with intrusive add ons.
  7. CCB bulb arches

    I can sequence in any of the formats. If you send one I can try to decipher. My email is LKFuchs0935@yahoo.com
  8. CCB bulb arches

    Jim. I hope you can help. I am actually looking for a programmed sequence that will work with LOR's cosmic color pixels. I have reviewed a tutorial but just cannot seem to get the hang of it. I am hoping to find a sequence that someone has created and willing to share that includes 4 or 6 leaping arches. Thanks
  9. CCB bulb arches

    Does anyone have sequences that include CCB pixel arches? I am hoping to find some that change colors while jumping among 4 arches each arch will have 50 ccb bulbs.
  10. will you pls send me a copy? LKFuchs0935@yahoo.com Thank you
  11. Flo Rida Super Star Sequence

    James, will you please send everything you have? Thank you LKFuchs0935@yahoo.com
  12. James, pls send...Thanks LKFuchs0925@yahoo.com
  13. Wytches Brew Pixel

    James, will you pls send? LKFuchs0935@yahoo.com
  14. Sail Awol Nation Pixel

    James, I would love a copy. Thank you LKFuchs0935@yahoo.com
  15. Christmas This Year by Toby Mac

    Thank you for responding dibblejr. Will you please keep me on your distribution list?