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  1. thank you also looking for Halloween (micheal myers) theme also thank you in advance
  2. if you are still sharing I would also love a copy thanks in advance daniel_awkerman@yahoo.com
  3. if your still sharing I would love a copy thank you in advance daniel_awkerman@yahoo.com
  4. ill take a copy if you are sharing thank you again for all your hard work daniel_awkerman@yahoo.com
  5. if still sharing I would like a copy thank you in advance daniel_awkerman@yahoo.com
  6. i would love to have a copy daniel_awkerman@yahoo.com thank you
  7. just seeing if anyone has singing faces for moana songs , my 4 year olds birthday theme next month was going to throw up my faces and arches up in yard for her thanks in advance
  8. if sharing still id like a copy please Daniel_awkerman@yahoo.com thank you in advance
  9. when I play then press space key to pause to add affect then I press space bar again it throws song off about 4 seconds not sure whats going on thank you for any help
  10. looking for Rhianna (this is what you came for) daniel_awkerman@yahoo.com thank you
  11. got talked into doing a easter egg hunt and now turns into lighting event was just told an hour ago let the scramble begin thank you in advance daniel_awkerman@yahoo.com thank you
  12. I just updated to new software after Halloween but now cant seem to sync with vis any ideas in se says box is checked to sync thank you in advance
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