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  1. Can someone explain to me how to put the pixel editor sequence into the regular sequence editor? It stinks learning a new way of operating my lights. LOL
  2. jaztram

    exporting pixel sequence

    OMG.... Dont i feel silly. I literally did that last night and didnt realize that it was at the bottom . thank you Matt.
  3. jaztram


    Im trying to figure out how to add arches with my pixel tree in each sequence. Did that make sense? Can I program 2 props (pixel tree and arches in 1 sequence). I really wish there were better tutorials for it.
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  5. Hey guys im new to pixel editor and im trying to wrap my head around the best way to customize my pixel tree. Im curious if there is a video that explains the movie and picture effect?
  6. jaztram

    trying to figure it out

    Thank you. Im Looking into it now.
  7. Im adding a pixel tree this year and its all new to me. If anybody has sequences to share i would really appreciate it. Thanks
  8. jaztram

    Any 16 strip Pixel tree sequence

    James, Might i have a copy of this as well? jaztram@gmail.com Thanks
  9. jaztram

    What's This? by Danny Elfman

    Hey James. Could have this as well? jaztram@gmail.com THanks
  10. jaztram

    I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day

    Thanks James for sharing this with with me. It is a great song.
  11. jaztram

    Channel Count Bar

    Hello all. Can someone explain to me on how to add a Channel Count Bar to my profile?
  12. jaztram

    Channel Count Bar

    thank you
  13. jaztram

    Channel Count Bar

    Hello all. Can someone explain to me on how to add a Channel Count Bar to my profile?
  14. jaztram

    I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day

    Hi James. Could I have a copy of this sequence. jaztram@gmail.com thanks
  15. jaztram


    What is the best way to waterproof rgb strips. I am using corner connectors and want to make sure it is sealed completely. I thought of Liquid tape but are their better options? Thanks
  16. Im looking for RGB flood light brands that connect directly to the controller. Im having a hard time in finding anyall of them only plug in to an outlet. Any suggestions?
  17. I could use some suggestions on the best places to purchase rgb lights. Anybody know the best wholesale spots? THanks
  18. Hello, I want to use some rgb led strips next year and really dont have much knowledge on whats needed. I run 32 channels now and want to incorporate the RGB into it. Is there a step by step tutorial site or area i can go to to learn? THanks for the help
  19. jaztram

    Adding RGB next year.... NEED GUIDANCE

    Dennis that is good to know. If you dont mind maybe i can swing by sometime and see your setup.
  20. jaztram

    Adding RGB next year.... NEED GUIDANCE

    I think im going to start with the dumb strips for now.
  21. Does anybody have White Christmas by the drifters sequenced. Would you be willing to share?
  22. Hello fellow enthusiasts. So my town is having a first year lighting contest this year and its a pretty exciting thing for me. I have many fans that come by but it would make it that much cooler if i had the local trophy for this year. Ultimately its for fun but i am somewhat competitive so im sure you understand. This thing has turned into a popularity contest instead of a" come by and look and truly vote on your favorite contest" and its kind of annoying. There are two other contestants that have the most likes and ironically they both use generic Walmart styled preprogrammed light boxes that move lights. Dont get me wrong they are pretty decent but does not compare to mine or my time i put into the sequencing. I dont have the greatest lightorama show but i like it and it takes me lots of time. I run 32 channels and just added a homemade singing face this year. I was hoping that you could go to Facebook and type in GRUNDY BANK and vote on 116 Meadors Circle for me. Thank you FACEBOOK LINK https://www.facebook.com/grundybank/photos/a.225115427606217.49601.224223411028752/842657512518669/?type=3&theater ONE OF MY SEQUENCES Thank you J'son Trammel