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  1. i am gona say bug also as the show ran fine and went into standby for next day. i just woke up to the one chan staying on. so happened durring night after last show ended. yeah they replaced it also had no idea till i got e mail and tracking... again thanks guys...
  2. same issue had part replaced still not working contacted lor again replaced controler for me.
  3. dan thank you for the speedy replacement the show will go on.....thanks so much for the help......
  4. the burn spot is between 2 of the legs on the board under the triack where it goes into the board if you look at the board frome side angle across the board the burn spot looks to go all the way threw .installer wise it is a local electronics repaire shop and parts allied electronics.
  5. so chan 8 is staying on on my most reacent buy contacted lor thaught triack so sent out new part . so had it put in and found not fixed still on 100% . what to do installer thinks burn spot on board has a dead short across the legs in the board. new board or what guys????had to run h ween on 15 chans now that it is over did the fix and no luck .hurts x mas for me this year .....booo
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