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  1. dkunesch

    Here we go again pixlite16

    Thanks for he replies. I found the issue and it was in fact in LOR’s network preferences. For some reason all the DMX protocol’s were gone. I reset them to specify my IP address and away it went! But I do thank everybody for the quick support.
  2. I just don’t get it. I have ran E1.31for a few years now with this controller with no issues and now again no output to the lights. I set the IP address a I set the controller at static. I run a test in Advatek assistant and the RGB strip performs as the test indicates. I build the show in LOR and enable it. The control lights is checked. The LOR box activated the lights as it should through the USB 485 adapter but the E1.31 does nothing. I ping the and it sends and receives 4 packets. I remember having this problem the first time I started using E1.31 and stumbled on the fix by accident but I can’t for the life of me do it again. I am almost certain it has something to do with the ip addressing. Any suggestions?
  3. dkunesch

    copying and pasting sequence

    Sometimes I use the larger sequence if is in the same format and re-assign the channels to match my originals then turn off the extra channels you don't use. You never know when you might add on to your shows.
  4. dkunesch

    Just finished: A Mad Russian Christmas 12CCR

    Could I get a copy please? dkunesch@aol.com Thanks, Don
  5. dkunesch

    Winter Wonderland Brooks & Dunn

    would love to see it, thanks. dkunesch@aol.com
  6. dkunesch

    Your a mean one Mr Grinch by Gary Hoey

    Would love a copy if you don't mind. dkunesch@aol.com
  7. dkunesch

    Just finished: A Mad Russian Christmas 12CCR

    Looks great, I would love to have it. Thanks
  8. I went and took a sequence from last year, added the 16 DMX channels, and then exported the whole thing as a template. I did not use vegomatic but I can now import all the channels into a new musical sequence and then go back and copy and paste the old sequence back into it plus add the extra RGB sequence. So far that has been the easiest for me.
  9. dkunesch

    animating an image

    I still get a real quick space in between the end of image 1 and the start of image 2 tho.
  10. dkunesch

    animating an image

    That did the trick, I just didn't quite understand the image action box. Thanks for the help.
  11. Some of the sequences were templates and some were painstakingly done by scratch when I was first starting out. To be clearer, I have many sequences that are all incandescent lights using 4, 16 channel LOR controllers. Some templates, some not. I created a 16 channel pixel tree DMX template that I control over E 1.31. I have purchased 16 channel DMX sequences that I would like to merge into my LOR sequences. In the past I would just bring up the sequence and for each of the 16 strips would : Add Device Select 160 channels Convert to RGB Do the same for 50 pixels Delete the extra 10 channels, and done. Then I can copy timings (if needed) and then copy and paste my DMX sequence into the channels I just created in my modified sequence. I just wondered if I could save time by importing the 16 universe RGB template into my existing sequence without having to add each universe 1 by 1 16 times. Hope that helps.
  12. dkunesch

    animating an image

    Tried but it still wont scroll right to left
  13. I am new to Super Star and have created an image of a Marine Corp emblem. The emblem had to be split into 2 separate images and I am trying to transition the second half into the 1st. The first image scrolls across the screen but does not trail. The screen flashes black and then the second image (the other half of the emblem) scrolls in. I am not sure I understand the "Image Action" box and the start and stop of x and y any help to understand this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Don
  14. I have a template saved for 16 pixel strips. Is there any way to import the template into an existing sequence. I have tried just doing an import but when I do all the other channels disappear. Thanks, Don
  15. dkunesch

    Don't Fear The Reaper Faces

    Great job to a great song!