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  1. Just recorded a radio interview

    How cool is that, congrats!
  2. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    Stay Off Tower
  3. Sequences I can share and their you tube links

    copy of Appalachian Snowfall, and Wizards in Winter if you are still sharing, please. Thanks for sharing papa6058@gmail.com
  4. Starting over and need 64 Channel sequences

    papa6058@gmail.com Thank you
  5. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    pass it around
  6. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    in real life
  7. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    at panic mode
  8. Hallelujah(Pentatonix)

    I will when I get home, could you send audio back if you have it. I still can't find mine
  9. Hallelujah(Pentatonix)

    I need the music, I sent you the sequence enjoy
  10. Hallelujah(Pentatonix)

    It is so funny that you posted that, I do have a 128 channel sequence, but I have spent the last hour looking for the mp3 file or the CD and they have both vanished. TRADE?
  11. I have added 8 mini trees. All with 4 colors each, so a total of 32 channels. I am looking for anything that I could play with that might fit these props. These are the songs I have almost done, that I am looking for the help with mini trees Winter Wonderland Miracle on #$th Street Light of Christmas Wizards in Winter A Mad Russians Christmas Amazing Grace Mary's Boy Child Music Box Dancer Sleigh Ride Where are you Christmas papa6058@gmail.com
  12. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    Gunna miss her
  13. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    rice and beans
  14. Sequences wanted

    If so I would LOVE to get them as well. papa6058@gmail.com