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  1. I've been looking everywhere for "Mary did you know." It is the only song my mother requested and I havn't been able to find the sequence. Thank you, Chris MrktMan73@gmail.com
  2. Hi Sarge, Merry Christmas!!! I love the Griswold intro, have never seen that. Can you send that one to me please? Thank you, Chris MrktMan73@gmail.com
  3. My nephew is obsessed with Star Wars. If any one has any sequences, I would be greatful if you would share. Thank you!! MrktMan73@gmail.com
  4. May I also get copies. Where in Daytona are you? mrktman73@gmail.com
  5. Could I trouble you for a copy? Any other 32 Channel sequences your sharing as well? Thanks, MrktMan73@gmail.com
  6. Could I get a copy please? I went and seen the movie, it was great. Would love to include it in my show. Thank you!! MrktMan73@gmail.com
  7. Thanks everyone for your comments. I think I am going to go "easy" this year and go with the mega tree. I will aspire to the spiral tree, or maybe I'll have one of each next year. Anyone have any sequences that they would want to share? I have 8 channels of the roof line, windows, shrubs, etc. 8 channels of mini trees and then the 16 channel mega tree. Appreciate all the help!
  8. Hello, I am torn. I am upgrading my show from 16 channels to 32 channels this year. 16 will be my normal show and I am dedicating the second 16 to a tree. My tree will be around 16' tall with a star on top. Advice on which is easiest to do, mega or sprial? I have plenty of lights (33' long) just need to figure out what would be easiest but look the best. I can do a single color or I can do two different colors. Any suggestions? Any tips? I'm confused about how to hang the lights so it doesnt pull on the strands and how I hang them if I want them to spiral? Please help, Chris
  9. I'd like to see those to if you have them.
  10. Hey everybody, this is my first year with LOR. I am so excited about getting everything put together. I appreciate the generosity of those who have shared their 16 channel sequences. I am having trouble editing them to fit within my display. I have eight mini trees and then 8 other items throught the yard. Does anyone have any 16 channel sequences where 8 of them are mini trees? Probably a long shot but never know till you ask. If you have any tips on how i can take a 6 channel mini tree setup and edit it up to an eight channel setup that would work too. Have some great sequences but they only have six mini trees. Thank you!!!!!
  11. Great suggesstions guys - I appreciate it!
  12. Hi Everybody, thanks in advance for your help. I have hung lights for many years now and I am still hanging them the same way I did twenty years ago. Does any one have any tips or tricks on how they hang their lights? Specifically rope lights along the edge of a roof line. Also, multiple sets of rope lights hung together i.e. Red / White and Blue. Three different rope lights put side by side. Has anyone ever tried the rope light track? I'm hoping someone out there has some great suggestions so I can reduce the amount of time it takes me to hang lights. Thank you!
  13. Thanks Jerry for the response - appreciate the input!!
  14. Newbie here as well and definately have bitten off more than I can chew. I figure if I can just get the sequencing together everything else will fall in line. I have two sequences that someone graciously gave to me. I am attempting to get three more, figure five would be a good start for my first year. About how many squences make up a show? Can anyone offer input on recommended show length? Also, would anyone be willing to share any sequences for the 16 channel controller. I am hoping to find Wizards of Winter, the LInus / Lucy - Peanuts song, and end with something traditional like Silent Night. Thanks in advance for any one that is able to help!!
  15. Hi Earle, best show I have seen! I am brand new to this and aspire to be half as good as your displays are within the next couple years. Can you please send me sequence? This is my first year and I only bought the 16 channel controller and they are all spoken for. I definately want to work on a spiral tree for next year. This will give me something to do over the summer months. Any additional tips and trips for this newbie is greatly appreciate. Btw, my name is Chris. I live in Daytona Beach, FL. I havn't seen any LOR in my area. I hope to do a great job at it this year so my neighbors will all enjoy. Thank you!!!!
  16. Hi Everybody. Brand new to all of this. Been contemplating for two years and finally make the jump. I have my design all laid out and am ready to start my mini trees. I have eight trees with three strands of lights on each tree, BGW. I just figured out that I really need 24 channels to get them to function the way I really want but this year I will have to do with 8 channels. I have the other 8 already assigned. Can any one offer any suggestions on how to "wow" the neighborhood? I know I am very limited with 16 channels but I just want it to look the best possible. Also, does anyone have a sequence of wizards of winter that they would be willing to share for the 16 channel box? Thank you in advance! Chris
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