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  1. I'm going to be THAT guy. This is a great discussion of the PixieLink but the title of the thread is N4-G4-MP3 Director Documentation. It seems to me it would make sense to create a new thread that indicates it contains discussion about the PixieLink and copy/move the discussion there. I suspect there could be a number of people that would enjoy seeing the discussion but might not notice it due to the title of the thread. Had I not been curious about the N4-G4-MP3 Director I would have missed this very interesting topic.
  2. I am trying out the S5 software to see if I want to transition from S4 to S5. As a part of that process I am updating/cleaning up the preview to take advantage of some of the new features. One thing that has got me stumped is the behavior of the Lines-Connected Prop. On my house I have a string of pixels where the orientation would be the first pixel is on the right side and the input from the controller would be on the right side as well. When I then use the Sequence Editor to light the prop I just created, the pixels are reversed. Pixel 1 is at the left end of the prop when displayed in the playback window. I then decided to try to better understand how this was intended to work. I created two Lines-Connected props. I oriented/dragged each of them to horizontal. I activated the Show Pixel Numbers option and as expected it indicates pixel 1 is on the end with the blue square. For one prop I placed the blue square to the left and on the other I placed it to the right. For the line where the blue square was to the left I set the Starting Location to be left. On the line where the blue square was to the right I set the Starting Location to be right. I saved the preview and then used it to create an animation sequence. In the animation sequence I enabled channel level on the pixel prop for each prop. I then added an on effect to the c01 entry for each prop and ran the sequence. I had expected to see on one row where pixel 1 was on the left and on the other row pixel 1 would be on the right. Instead both rows have the lit pixel on the left. Apparently I do not have a firm grasp on how this is supposed to work. Does anyone have a link to a tutorial or the help files that will make it so I can get my head wrapped around this? Thanks,
  3. Pages 21 -23 in the guide found at the link Orville posted has a good discussion of how to assign a show to a trigger and how to influence how they will behave. E.g Does it play one time or loop, can it be interrupted etc. I brought up the LOR HUB and it is confirming/indicating the show number corresponds directly to the trigger with that number . I checked in the Hardware Utility and if you choose the option "Plays when triggered" you then have to select the trigger. When you tell it to create the SD card the Hardware Utility then chooses for you the show number. Thus Show 1 would run when trigger 1 is activated, Show 2 when trigger 2 is activated and so on. If I understood your question correctly that would mean the SD card you create would contain Show 1, Show 2 and Show 3. Each show would contain the sequence(s) that you wish to run when the trigger is activated. The name of for the sequences can be anything, the Show number is the mapping to the trigger.
  4. Sorry, I didn't read the question completely. In my S4 installation the ..\PixelEditor folder has a file named LORPixelEditorData.xml that gets populated when I ask the PE to create a preview from a visualizer file. Perhaps that is what you are looking for.
  5. Visualizer files have the extension .lee and are in the ..\Visualizations\editor folder.
  6. I'm not sure where you got the information that an mp4 would play in the G*-MP3-Director but that is not accurate. The G3-MP3 director and the N4-G4-MP3 Director descriptions in the store indicate they play mp3 files. Maybe the the place where you saw an mp4 would play was in reference to running the show from a computer. I'd suggest converting the audio to an mp3, constant bit rate of 128k and associate that file with the sequence to see if it causes issues.
  7. I use a G3_MP3 Director to run the display at a local church. The building that we use to house the equipment is not heated. December nights in Minnesota can get to -20F. I feel the Director is a better choice for that environment.
  8. Check out the configuration guide for the Pixie8, Page 15. Try setting the RGB order to GRB or GBR. http://www1.lightorama.com/PDF/Pixie_Man_105.pdf
  9. I had no trouble applying the firmware. It was a year ago and do not recall exactly what I did. I am thinking I had assigned a fixed IP address to the board and then directly connected my computer to the device and used the network utility to find it and update as per the User Guide.
  10. This is the same issue I experienced last year at this time. I was told my board contained a bad firmware - 2.0.8 - and was provided new firmware. I was sent two versions and the HD response contained the following warning If you see 'MKII' or 'ECO' on your board, please use "PixCon16 MKII Firmware Showtime (S4)" If your board does not have MKII or ECO on it, use "PixCon16 Firmware Showtime (S4)" If you apply the wrong firmware to a board, the board will be bricked and you will need to recover it.
  11. My gripe with the Show Builder (the one to create SD cards) is that there is not a way to save the list of files that you recorded to the card. For example: If I create a show and then at a later point adjust a sequence or decide to add another sequence to the show I have to start all over building the show. One option would be for the Show Builder to have the ability to select and read a file that was created by the Show Editor. Even better would be for the Show Builder to be able to process Show Editor files and be able to save a file in that format.
  12. Look for weeksched.lsc and yearsched.lsc in your Light-O-Rama directory. They will be the directory above Audio, Sequences etc. That is where scheduling information is stored. Worst case, if you rename or remove them you can start over and recreate your schedule to eliminate any possibility of there being a remnant of an old show.
  13. Just to add another option. Sometimes LEDs don't like to play nice with the hot and neutral sides of AC Typically the plugs on them are not polarized so unplug the lights, rotate the plug 180 degrees and plug them back in. See if that helps.
  14. Really. The OP said "Thank you everyone, this was an issue with the card and some issues with my card writer. " I thanked the OP for reporting those facts. How is a firmware update in any way relevant to what I or the OP said?
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