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  1. basis21b

    Show played that's not on schedule

    Look for weeksched.lsc and yearsched.lsc in your Light-O-Rama directory. They will be the directory above Audio, Sequences etc. That is where scheduling information is stored. Worst case, if you rename or remove them you can start over and recreate your schedule to eliminate any possibility of there being a remnant of an old show.
  2. basis21b

    Lights still on after show ends for night

    Just to add another option. Sometimes LEDs don't like to play nice with the hot and neutral sides of AC Typically the plugs on them are not polarized so unplug the lights, rotate the plug 180 degrees and plug them back in. See if that helps.
  3. Really. The OP said "Thank you everyone, this was an issue with the card and some issues with my card writer. " I thanked the OP for reporting those facts. How is a firmware update in any way relevant to what I or the OP said?
  4. basis21b

    TSO Showtime Central

    Help us help you. You need to provide more details, we are not there to see what you have done or what is happening. What did you plug the LAN cable to? What are the LEDs on the mini-director and controller doing? What is or isn't happening? Are the lights working? Is there sound?
  5. basis21b

    Do you need help?

    Here is an over simplified, speculative answer. On the board of the controllers is a microchip, in effect a tiny computer. There can be times when the program running in the chip can get corrupted. When that happens resetting the board clears that up. Similar to what happens when you find Windows has stopped working and you need to reboot your personal computer. The problem could come from power surges or stray voltage/static electricity. One possibility for stray voltage in a situation like this is a bad or shorted out socket on a controller. I would suggest using the hardware utility to see if you can get solid communication on both jacks on the controller that was wired in last. Check the controller previous to it to confirm all of the jacks are working. You will at least eliminate the possibility they introduced the problem. I would also check the boards to make sure some critter had not decided to take up residence.
  6. Repairing a broken RJ45 socket is not a difficult thing if you or someone you know can solder circuit boards. Another option is to send it to LOR for repair. If you create a help desk ticket they will give you pricing
  7. Thanks for the feedback on the solution. This adds to the knowledge base so others can be helped in the future.
  8. basis21b

    Plugging in controller

    What ^^he^^ said. You will always find a use for them.
  9. basis21b

    Plugging in controller

    That depends on the amount and type of lights you have connected to your controller. If you have LEDs you should be fine. Unless you plan to run hundreds of strings. With regular incandescent lights you are going to have to calculate the amount of amps they will draw. An easy rule if thumb is that three strings of 100 incandescent mini-lights will draw one amp. Once you have that calculation check the amp rating on the power strip. One last thing with the power strip is that if you get rain there is a very high probability the GFCI will trip. I'd suggest a three way plug (aka triple tap). Less area to collect water. (Too late. I could have just said "ditto")
  10. basis21b

    Controller not receiving signal.

    It sounds like the wires/pins in the RJ45 socket are not aligned evenly so contacts in the plug do not seat properly. Make sure all eight of the wires in the socket are in a perfect line. Often times you will see every other one slightly offset or behind the one next to it. If the socket gets pulled away from the board this is the outcome. Today there is a controller sitting on my bench waiting for a socket to be soldered in. I had quite the adventure locating it. I had to get a magnifying glass to finally see the issue.
  11. basis21b

    Free sequences

    If you are using Windows 10 and the Edge browser it will try to save them as .xml files. I've heard some versions of Internet Explorer will behave the same way. Try another browser and it should work as advertised.
  12. basis21b

    Using Tracks and confused

    I've found putting the channels I want to copy in a group speeds up the process greatly instead of doing them one-by-one. I usually go back to the main track and delete the group(s) to keep things in their original state.
  13. basis21b

    Problem with show builder or sequences

    Try running the Verifier. The easiest is to run it using it to verify the Schedule. It could give you an idea as to the problem(s).
  14. basis21b

    Controller not receiving signal.

    So, is the LED on the board(s) blinking or steady?
  15. basis21b

    Song not playing

    Can we assume the sequence worked properly when you programmed it in the sequence editor? I'm making the assumption this is happening when you play the sequence in a show. I suggest looking at the log from the control panel. It should tell you what went wrong. The symptoms you describe is the exact behavior I observed in my display when the audio file was not in the location specified in the sequence.