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  1. Can i get faces please? Thanks! keith5885@gmail.com
  2. Can I get faces please? Thanks! keith5885@gmail.com
  3. Sounds fun can I please have a copy? keith5885@gmail.com
  4. Where do you buy them? Any instructions anywhere on how to replace them? I know you can also send it back to LOR to fix too. But I don't have that time right now.... EDIT: Found Youtube:
  5. I have plenty to trade for. Surprised no one is talking about this as the next hit song for kids this year? TIA Keith5885@gmail.com
  6. It doesn't need to be curved. I found this product but it is pricey to do 8 strips with this. But it could be what I need. Just drill hole in it into rocks. http://www.holidaycoro.com/12mm-Strip-Holder-p/766.htm?CartID=11
  7. Hey, has anyone done this or have a good idea on how best to mount LED RGB Strips under the cap of a retaining wall like the one you see below? It will be straight though so don't worry about curves. The strips should point down towards the ground under the cap. Should give it a cool look for landscaping.... and for LOR shows all year long Glue it somehow? Trying to think of something nice and permanent that will stay there year around.
  8. Thanks! Hey any idea if I could setup a motion detector like the one LOR Sells to a controller and then have it trigger the mini director? Can't tell if it would work with the mini director setup I am planning to use. http://store.lightorama.com/motiondetector.html
  9. I got some CCRs but turns out I will use them for my show in my front yard for halloween and Xmas not in backyard. So the Mini Director should be fine for dumb RGBs and RGB Floods. Now I need to start looking for containers to mount controllers and power supplies in for outside. Do you think I should get a rainproof power supply and put it in a container to be safe and have it work year around? For the controllers should I buy this rain proof 400 watt and put it in a box with controllers: Rain Proof Power Supply - 12v / 33 amps / 400 Watts http://www.holidaycoro.com/Rainproof-400w-Dual-Output-Power-Supply-p/48.htm or this one: Power Supply - 12v / 29 amps / 350 Watts http://www.holidaycoro.com/350w-Dual-Output-Power-Supply-p/49.htm Then get one of these for each controller and put power supply in with controller. http://www.holidaycoro.com/Light-O-Rama-LOR-CMB24D-Mounting-Kit-p/641-kit1.htm
  10. Yes, mostly to light up trees that are near fences and the fence. Also 4 will shine on parts of the house. If it is too much then I'll use extra for holiday show in frontyard.
  11. Should I have my landscaper install an RFI outlet next to each of the 3 controllers to plug in the power supplies? Or just one and then power from one to the next?
  12. Ok, doing my backyard and I said "why not" light it using LOR. (I do a show with 16 channel controllers in front. NO RGB experience yet) Convinced my wife. Want to buy at Mad Grab Sale. Need quick advice. So here goes! I want to use RGB Floods and Strips (dumb) Thinking about buying CCRs to maybe use and if not... use them on front of house. heheThoughts: - Use the mini director inside by my stereo equipment that will hook up to my outdoor speakers - Thinking that I could have an SD card that just had the lights always on and we could load that card when we just wanted all lights on. That could work right? - Connect mini director to link wireless easy light linker - Connect to outside controller - Have my landscaper which is building backyard help me run all the wires needed Buy: 2 eight backs of RGB Floods with 24 channel Controller 1 eight pack of RGB Strips Dumb with 24 channel controller 3 power supplies (was just going to get LOR 200 watt ones 1 pair easy link 1 mini director HELP! Questions: 1. See attached drawing of backyard. I have a lot of space to space out floods and controllers. How best do I connect these? I can't daisy chain floods/strips to each other right? Alll need a wire back to controller? I read a little on length of that wire could cause lag. worried. Should I be buying a lot of those Flood extension cables from LOR or someone else? 2. How do I connect controllers together? Long Cat5 cable runs right? Should i worry about lag? Backyard dimensions are about 80 by 65 feet. 3. Some say mini director can handle 2 CCRs some say it can't. I guess I can try it out and see. Thoughts? 4. Can I buy from sale and return in 30 days even if I try them out? 5. How long did it normally take you guys to receive sale purchases? Are they being conservative with 4-6 weeks? 6. Any advice on make this look great in backyard? SHould i run wire through buried pipe or should I just bury wire in ground? 7. Should I buy the LOR 200 watt power supply or something bigger because of the space between lights and controller? Or just because there is a better value elsewhere than LOR? About 4 hours till I buy. Please help answer any of my questions. Thanks! With mini director I was thinking of just having an SD Card that has a sequence with all lights on white when we just want all the lights on we insert that card and plug easy link in. That could work right? QuickSketchofBackyardDesign.pdf
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