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  1. Hey everyone. I'm sure there's some other post regarding this so I apologize for any duplication... I'd like to move everything over to a laptop. XP pc to a windows7 laptop ....any tips, tricks, suggestions, warnings. Or is it as simple installing the software and copying the files over? I'm thinking I'll need to refind the sequences and mp3 files when I do???
  2. That's simply amazing!!!!, my son and I smiled and laughed the whole way through, but you have a tough critic.... My son asked how come the two elves in the front don't sing..hahahaha. I think I'm going outside to unplug my lights now and leave this to you pros!
  3. Absolutely love your show! very well done lots for the imagination, but not over done...
  4. Haha was just gonna type the same suggestion..just a little electrical tape around the bottom will likely prevent the death of dozens of boards a year..play safe everyone and keep it wrapped up!..hahaha ok that came out a little wrong :lol: :lol:
  5. MP3Gain is really quick and easy if your just adjusting levels..audacity is great for shortening the songs or some more advanced editing
  6. Nice job! what style are the arches? sleeved or wrapped around one piece?
  7. TJ this sounds intriguing as i was watching a video earlier where the gentleman was wrapping a 20' pipe... my first thought was what if one section fails. Can you elaborate a little more on your set up? do you just slid the section over the pipe and bend it on to the rebar?
  8. Lighten up santa! i admitted i didnt see they were case lot... as a matter of fact i did have a heart attack three weeks ago and was forced to shop close to home so those that offered to step in and help wouldnt be incovienenced..have a merry xmas santa
  9. Phew ok hahahaha didnt see that. :lol: :lol:
  10. with all do respect to CDI their prices are a little rich for my Wallet! id gladly keep driving over to home depot for the od failure when i look a those prices yikes!!! Please tell me what justifes these prices..im sincerly not being sarcastic just seems way out of line to me... 100 LED LIGHT SET C6 STYLE - BLUE (LEDC6B100) New Pro-Grade™ LED mini lights are 120-volts, spaced on 4-inch centers with 100 lights on a 33-foot string. They use up to 9.6 watts per string and you are able to connect up to 21 strings! List Price: $516.00 Our Price: $282.00 You Save: $234.00 (45%) as so politely pointed out by Santas helper these are indeed case lot of 12..still costly for wholesale pricing
  11. well it gets worse lol... the ones that werent working... it turns out they all failed in the centre where they appear to have spliced two shorter strands together in each case a bulb failed, but whats crazy is the two bulb at the splice are different and they dont supply a spare. talked with the manager and she agreed to let me return them all after the season for a full refund and even wrote it on my reciept.
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