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  1. Couple guys from NC are planning on being there. Look forward to meeting everyone.
  2. Holidaycoro is a good source. Also look under sequencing sectio here on forum. Several there songs for faces
  3. 20 minute shows and 3 different shows that I rotated nightly
  4. My shows run about 20 minutes. Had enough songs to do 3 different shows and I rotated them nightly
  5. you may to keep an eye open at this site: http://boscoyostudio.com/products/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=2&zenid=k0bhrfj8sh56qlu310ntr2hmb5 . He plans on some mega tree parts that are lightweight and simple to build for a 12' tree that will work well with his mounting strips. Also, Christmaslightshow.com has some megatree parts that are great.
  6. Ron Boyd did some spinners; check out his web site http://www.boydchristmasinlights.com/how-to.html. If that is what you are looking for, PM Ron and he should be able to guide you.
  7. I would appreciate a copy. rjmcmasters@triad.rr.com thanks Randy
  8. I bought a used inflatable at yard sale and removed fan. Only $10
  9. I would like a copy if possible. Send to rjmcmasters@triad.rr.com
  10. Slipperyclam - on the facebook post (not mine), click on the pictures and you can see some descriptions and discussions on what is used. Per one pic, "The pegs are 1/2" gray electrical PVC cut down. " I had some leftover 1/2 sch 40 and it worked fine, although I did add a small screw at the base because mine was not quite tight enough and the candy cane wanted to roll. Agree with Max-Paul, I bought mine last year at discount store here for less than $1. I think I have more in my posts that I will put them on than the canes themselves.
  11. I am not sure if this example is what you are looking for. I built one this year after grabbing 12 candy canes after Christmas last year. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.267156336714257.58327.161583510604874&type=1 Takes 12 LOR channels but if you want to group them, i am sure you can.
  12. I agree SWSanta on the electrical PVC conduit. Mine are Sch40 and way to brittle in the cold. I will be switching mine over to the electrical conduit for next year when I move to RGB strips on the arches. For this year, will keep the LEDs on the Sch40.
  13. You may want to check the type of wiring you have. Reference this article: http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/32606-wire-type-does-matter/
  14. sorry typo - mail id is rjmcmasters@triad.rr.com thanks for sending.
  15. James - would love to see your work if you are sharing. Pls send to rjmcmasters@triad.rr.com. Thanks
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