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  1. I changed all my black adapters to the red adapters. However I plan on adding more pixel eliminates to my show this year and was wondering the following: Can I run 6 ea. CTB16PC and 2ea. CMB24D controllers from the same black adapter. (all are daisy chained) I want to use the red adapter I have for the new pixel props. Thanks
  2. Thanks guys. I think I will have to wait until my son shows up and ask him if the USB hub I already have will work. I think I,m getting too old for this. I can,t remember things like I used too. I'm lucky to just remeber where the bathrooms are in my house!!!!!!! But again, thanks fellas for the help and advise.
  3. Sorry about that, All of the channels would have 50 pixel strings. The reason for the daisy chaining, is that I am out of available USB ports on my computer.
  4. Can I daisy chain 2 ea. Pixie 16's and 2 ea. Pixie 8's and 8 ea. CCP's (50 nodes per string) together on one network? Thanks
  5. Brian, How thick is the RGB star front? Will the 12 mm pixel nodes fit good or will the pixel Nodes need to be glued into place.
  6. I am adding a 180 degree tree this year and plan to use a Pixie16. Do I set the ports as I did for the old CCP's. (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,OA,OB etc. or just 1 - 16} Thanks
  7. I have been trying to find where I can activate the clip rectangle so I won't have bleed over. I can't find it. No window opens when I import a visualization asking me if I want to clip it. Can someone tell me how to find it? Thanks I am still using S4.
  8. Thanks so much. That is what I was needing to know. And thanks for making the video.
  9. At this time I am using 8 ea. CCP controllers (2 strings of 50 pixels) on a 360 degree tree on a Aux. network, but want to change to a 180 degree tree using a pixie 16 controller and different pixels strings using the Aux. network. Do I program the pixie 16 as a CCP controller? Or does it configure in DMX?
  10. I shut down the SuperStar program and restarted it, and imported the visualization and it was as it was supposed to be. Go figure. Tried numerous times re importing it, but with the same result. But after shutting down SS and opening it back up. It worked.
  11. Thanks everyone. I got it figured out.
  12. It is in Visualization mode. The prop in the Visualizer starts with string one on the left side of the prop.
  13. I have created a 180 degree CCP tree. 12 columns wide and 25 rows. I would like my first column to start on the left. In the visualizer it does start on the left, but when I import it into SuperStar I have to light up the right column to get my left column to light up on the prop. Basically I need to flip the grid. It that possible. Thanks.
  14. Thanks everyone for the reply. Just for information, my show computer is not connected to the internet or anything else. This time of the year, the show computer is never used for anything but my show. Thanks again
  15. I've been using my Pixcon16 for my matrix and every now and then it freezes up. Maybe a week or so apart. The comm listener is showing an error. If I restart my computer and restart the show everything works fine. My question is, if I X out of the comm listener, (after a few seconds it starts back up). If this will clear the error Like it does on a re-startup. Or do I have to restart as I have been doing? Thanks
  16. It is possible. I had the same power supply running my CMB24 and I had a problem with my lights and the board making a noise when the lights where working. I checked the voltage and it was about 11.50 volts, but was not under a load. Sent the board in for repair. I ordered a new CMB24 and connected it, but it did the same as the old board. LOR couldn't find anything wrong with the old board. I installed a new power supply and everything works fine.
  17. Fellows, I am feeling pretty stupid right now. I found my problem and fixed it. This is a plain case of being brain dead. I am using weather proof pigtails for my cat 5 cables. Well from my ELL the cable went to the CMB24, The input cable from the CTB16 was connected to the output of the same CTB16. Found out that won't work. I think I'm getting too old for this games. I would like to thank everyone for your responses and suggestions. Hope everyone has a great light show season.
  18. I hope it's not the RS485 Driver chip. You're right. I really don't want to unplug everything and haul it in to test it, but that will be my last resort. I think I will wait until tomorrow when it warms up to 40 degrees. LOL Thanks for the input.
  19. I think this is what you are wanting. This is how I have it connected: Computer (Red adapter)- CTB16- CTB16- CTB16- CTB16- CMB24 --ELL-t ELL-r-- CTB16-CMB24 The last CMB24 in the chain works fine. The CTB16 that it is connected to does nothing. The light on the CTB16 just flashes. Like it is not receiving any commands. Later when it warms up above freezing, I will go out (now that it's daylight) and see what I can find. I was looking last night in the dark with a small flashlight, but the floods where blinding me. I do have a cable (cat5) tester, but if the cat5 from the ELL was back, I assume that the CMB24 would be getting a signal. The CMB24 is connected to the CTB16 with a Cat5, so I assume the cable is good, or the CMB24 would not work. Perplexed!!!!
  20. Just checked network preferences. My bad. Regular network is running 115.4. This is the network that this controller is running on.
  21. CTB16 is a Gen 3 Flood controller I assume is a CMB24 (LOR flood package) Speed 500 Not running on enhanced As I said, worked last year and running to same show as last year. Thanks
  22. I'll start off by saying that everything worked last year. I have a CTB16 (unit ID #2) connected to an ELL. From the CTB16 I have daisy chained my LOR flood light controller to the CTB16. The flood lights work as they are suppose to, but my CTB16 board light just flashes. I think it means it is not receiving commands from my computer. I don't understand how the flood light controller is getting the commands, but the CTB16 is not. Any ideas? Thanks
  23. Mr. P, Thank you so much. It's been along while since I've made any changes to my sequences and have forgotten almost everything. Thanks again for your help.
  24. To clarify, I am using a Pixcon16 and I did see where I can start at pixel 25, but will it go from 25 to 1, or will it be wanting to go from 25 up. I need it to go from 25 to 1. I hope to test the pixel strings soon. Thanks
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