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  1. Don,t know if this is where I needed to ask this question or not. So here goes. I have added eave RGB strips this year and have done all the sequencing in SuperStar. I have Universe 13 over my garage using 25 pixels starting with pixel #1 on the left side of the garage. Universe 14 on my upper house with 85 pixels, started with #1 going left to right and so on. I have decided that I want to start the garage string with pixel 25 (reversing the string}. Can I go in and just change the visualizer to start with pixel 25? If so, will the sequence do my morphs as I have them now, or will I have to re-sequence everything. Thanks
  2. My thought is to run the data from my existing pixiecon and run all the power from my second power supply to power the strips and use it for the inject points.
  3. Thanks for responding. I am now thinking about using my pixiecon 16 instead of buying another controller. I figure where my pixiecon 16 sets no, I would have about 5 foot to get to my first pixel, then if I connect the next strip to the end of the first strip, I would have 145 pixels. I do have another power supply that I can inject power to my last 30 pixels. My next question is, I have already sequenced a number of songs, but I was planing on running the lights left to right, but it I do what I said about, they would be running right to left. Well I have to re-sequence my songs? I know the strips are directional, but does the pixels care which direction the lights go. I program in Superstar. Thanks
  4. I am using a pixiecon 16 to run a small matrix. I used ten of the outputs, which leaves six open. I just bought some smart strips to add to the eave of my house and was wondering if I can program another 3 out puts to run the eave strips. The controller is one the right side of my house, but I want to start universe 13 (31 pixels) on the left side of the house, then the middle of the house with universe 14 (85 pixels), and finish up on the right side of the house universe 15 (60 pixels). Does anyone see anything wrong with this? Thanks
  5. I have an extra 1602 controller that I plan on letting my neighbor use in his yard. I am using 5 1602 controllers and the CMB24 is the last link in the daisy chain. Can I connect one of the ELL's to the CMB24 to transmit to a 1602 controller. The other question is, I have 2 units that are unit #2, I have my unit #2 for a spiral tree and I have the other 1602 also as unit#2 so the neighbor could use my other spiral tree. This way I wouldn't have to modify my sequences. Will this work? Thanks
  6. Thanks for the reply. Seems the other colors are working. I don't know if LOR sells pixels are not. I guess I will get in touch with them.
  7. I have a couple of pixels on my CCP string that when the string is white, there are a couple of nodes that are red. Any ideas what could cause this to happen? They work on all other colors. Thats
  8. I was helping a newbie with setting up his visualizer and ran into a problem with the tree wizard. Tried to create a 16 channel mega tree. Created the 360 degree tree, no problem. However when playing it back using a sequence, the one or two strings would run up the strings like a fire stick. I set the tree up going from edge to center, I made sure it wasn't set up as RGB or DMX. I tried rebuilding it 4 or 5 times and it would always act the same. I finally downloaded my mega tree prop 4.3.18 and it worked great. Don't know if it is a problem with the update 4.3.24 or not. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks
  9. I agree with k6ccc. I use SuperStar mainly. I would be lost without the visualizer. I have used PE some, but it is too complicated for my old mind to understand. No video tutorials hard for me to figure out importing props etc. I guess I will stay with S4 until it quits. When that happens, I'll quite too.
  10. Followup. I got a 2 gb video card and the same props are freezing up. I did create to new sequence on my laptop and copied it over the my show computer. I will re-sequence the the song using my show computer and see if that works.
  11. Glad to hear you got it to work.
  12. Yes it is.It is between the CCR Draw wizard and the Draw Pixel String.
  13. Have you tried using the matrix wizard? I think it will do what you are wanting to do.
  14. Thanks DevMike. Went there first and tried the suggestions before posting. My computer has the video card built into the motherboard, so I assume that it doesn't have enough getty up. Thanks
  15. Thanks Mr Simmons. I unchecked the Move Grid with play, and had no luck. Thanks for your suggestion. I think K6ccc is right on with the graphics card. If I disable one of my pixel fixtures I have no problems with the freezing. I will try a 4 gb video card and see if that takes care of the problems. Again thank you guys for the suggestions.
  16. I have the latest software, Advanced Pro. and 40 ccr SuperStar. Been working on a new sequence and during play back, some of the props freeze up and stop moving. Then a little while later they start again. I am using a SuperStar sub sequence for my pixel tree with globe and a sub sequence for my matrix. It seems that my 16 channel ac props are the ones effected. Comm listener is running. I added 8 gigs of ram ( for a total of 24 gigs) but didn't seem to help. I don't have any problems with my old sequences doing this. Wondering if this problem will show up on the actual lights. I imported the channel config. file and created the sequence. Any ideas? Thanks
  17. Building2 you have me beat by 3 years.
  18. Sure did. Thanks. Funny thing is that I have used Audacity on all my audio files and this was the first time I had to download another file for Audacity. Just glad it told me how to do it. Thanks again for the help.
  19. Yes. When I tried to load the audio file was when I got the message. I do have things working now. I did try to load the file into audscity, but it won't load. It said I needed to download another file from website. I did and it worked. I think the wav file was uncompressed or something in that nature. Thanks.
  20. Got it to load into SuperStar. I'm happy happy happy. Thanks again everyone.
  21. I have audacity. I couldn't get it to load the song. It said I needed a FFMG or something to that effect. I did get that downloaded and was aple to get Audacity to load my song. Thanks everyone.
  22. It is a wav file. I don't have a program to convert it to an MP3. Thanks
  23. I have a song that I tried loading into SuperStar, but I get a message saying default is 300 seconds. My song is 5.07 minutes long. Is there anything I can do to get it to load in SuperStar. I can load the song into LOR sequence editor. Thanks
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