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  1. I must be doing something wrong and can't get it figured out. I created a 3 element star (pixels) and a 16 pixel string Tree. I can get the star into the preview, but not the tree. In other words, if I add the star to the props list and save it, then do the tree, the tree will show but not the star and the same with the tree. I can only see one prop at a time. Both are listed in the list of props. What am I missing? Thanks
  2. Thanks for the information. I looked at S5 and really at my age, I don't want to leave S4. This maybe my last year for doing shows anyway. Thanks
  3. I can import props from the visualizer with no problem, but they are stacked on top of each other in the preview (pixel tree and a star). I can"t move them around and adjust them. The only way that I found, would be to recreate both props in the pixel editor. Or am I missing something? If I have to recreate the props to use in the pixel editor that pretty much sucks. Seems like it would be a waste of time and good chance to make a mistake when configuring the props to match the props created in the visualizer. In some sequences I use Super Star for the same props and others I might want to use the pixel editor. Am I missing something?
  4. I am going to build a 16 pixel tree using 12mm pixel nodes that will be mounted the pixel mounting strips 3 inches apart. I was wanting to keep the attached to the tree topper, but I don't have to leave it attached. I am limited on storage space. Didn't know if I could tie them into a bundle and leave in 12' lengths. Thinking about putting the into a cardboard carpet tube and attaching the tube to my rafter joists in the garage.
  5. Looking for suggestions on how to store pixel nodes that are attached to pixel strips. Thanks
  6. I only have about a 12' tree and don't know if that size star would look too big on that tree.
  7. I might be interested in them. How do we talk about it?
  8. Has anyone bought and used the (24" RGB Star Flare metal) from Christmaslightshow.com? If so, what are your thoughts of this product?
  9. I understand Ducks. I wanted to do eave lights. The wife won't let me on a ladder now. I fell last year a broke an ankle and back. So I had a few ports open on my Pixcon16 so I had some custom trim made and zip tied the pixel ribbons to the trims and had to hire a crew to install them. I mounted them on my freeze board, so they will never come down and should be weather protected. So if I can reach them from the ground it's not going to happen. Again thank you for the information.
  10. Thanks for the help. I am technology challenged. I don't even know why I keep doing this. At 75 years old it's getting hard to remember things and adding new things to a show I might not be able to set up this year away.LOL!!!!
  11. Getting ready to add a Pixie 8 and a Pixie 16. I need to and a USB hub. The question I have is: If I connect the hub to the computer USB (comm 3) will the 4 outputs on the hub all be comm 3 ? Another question: If I have 8 other controller on comm3 will adding to it with hub mess things up? Thanks
  12. I had this in SuperStar section, but can't delete it. How I do I get more than 50 CCP's per string when a prop of 90 nodes, but can't get more than 50 pixels when I create in CCR mode, I understand that the pixie 8 and pixie 16 are programmed in CCR and not DMX. I am using S4 software 4.4.4 and have Advanced Pro and 40 CCR in SuperStar.
  13. My mistake. 50 count is when creating a CCR visualization prop not when loading into SuperStar.
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