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  1. I am attempting to use OneDrive as described above but not sure I understand how to select a directory that my 2 laptops can use simultaneously via OneDrive. I have attached a snip of the data directory LOR was installed by default on my sequencing computer. Does this look correct to get OneDrive to share files as described above and where would I install LOR on my show computer so that it syncs files as described above? Thanks, Chuck
  2. I am attempting to use OneDrive to sync my LOR S5 files between 2 Windows 10 computers. I am using one to program (faster) and one to play my show (older/slower). I would appreciate any tips from anyone who has done this successfully. Thanks! Chuck
  3. Thank you Matt for the detailed info. I was unaware that I needed to save the sequence files as "Save Playback Files" before I would be able to play the sequences in the Show Editor. I have saved all of my sequences into the .play format on the sequencer computer then transfer them to the player computer. When I transfer my sequences from the show editor computer to the show playing computer via a USB memory stick, everything transfers fine but the show player computer comes up with a warning message when I try and play some of them in them in the S5 Sequencer. The message is "The following warnings were generated when loading the sequence" and list a couple .avi files that it can not find. After I let the sequence load I go to "Sequence - File References" in the sequences that have generated warning messages, to change the Directories for the "Files Used by Motion Effects" and then everything runs fine on the show computer. My question is, do you think I need to do the "Save Playback Files" on the show computer once I have changed the directories to "refresh" the show files on the show computer?
  4. I have 2 laptop computers and they are both running Windows 10. I also have the most current version of LOR S5 on both (ver 5.1.4 Pro). I do most of my programming in Super Star. I was wondering what would be the best/most effecient way to transfer sequences from the programming computer to the show computer? Also, how would I change the default directory that shows up in S5 sequencer when I select File Open?
  5. Thanks Alan for the video and help with my issues. I have made quite a bit of progress getting my sequence files into the S5 Sequencer. There is a video on YouTube (below) that I viewed on getting your Supertstar sequences into the S5 sequencer and since all of my sequences are programmed in Superstar I was able to use the info to get a couple of my elements loaded into the sequencer. I used the "start a new musical sequence" method to set up a new sequence in the S5 sequencer under the song name and then added my CCR tree and CCP tree to the sequence and it worked great! I am currently struggling with getting my 8 CCR circles setup properly in the sequencer but will work with Brian Bruderer to see if he can help with that. Thanks for the help everyone. It's a bit of a steep learning curve for me going from S4 to S5 and I really glad I started this process in August so hopefully I can have everything running by Thanksgiving. Chuck
  6. I don't think I am communicating what I would like to do properly. I have the S5 sequencer open with the preview pane at the top and the sequences loaded at the bottom of the screen. I would like to simulate what the all 3 props working simultaniously would look like in my yard. I am using the song" Let It Go" for all 3 props loaded in the sequence section, 1- 24x25 CCP Tree with 8 row globe, 8 CCR Circles and a 16 ribbon CCR Tree with 200 CCP star at the top (all from Superstar Lights). When I click on the CCR Circles and click the green Play button for the sequence, the circles play on the prop I created in the preview pane, just as I expect they should. When I click on the 16 ribbon tree with star in the sequence pane and click the play button, the star and tree play in the preview pane just as I expect they would. What I would like to do is get all 3 elements (Circles, 16 ribbon tree and 24x25 CCP Tree) to play simultaneously in the preview pane.
  7. I have built a preview with all of my channels and props but can only get one prop to play at a time. How do I get multiple props to play? I use Superstar to program all of my props and import them into the S5 sequencer.
  8. I have imported all of my RGB props and sequences into the S5 sequencer successfully and can play them each individually and see them in real time in the preview pane of the S5 sequencer. How do I get all of the props (16 ribbon CCR Tree, 8 CCR ribbons and 24x25 CCP Tree with 8 row globe) to play at the same time in the preview window so I can view the entire song group at one time? Also, how do I group all of the props for the same song to so I can send it to the props once they are setup in my yard? Thanks, Chuck Oberman
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